‘Shut Up!’ Toya Bush-Harris Embarrasses Her Husband With Rude Remarks On Hawaii Trip Amid Financial Crisis

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What a season it’s been on Married to Medicine — so far! So. Much. Has Happened! 

Tonight on an all-new episode, Dr. Simone and Cecil head off to Hawaii to celebrate their 20th anniversary with most of the couples in tow. However, Lisa Nicole Cloud is flying solo as Dr. Darren is missing in action.

Uh oh! Toya Bush-Harris and Lisa are at it again, bringing up past tension from their spa day from hell. And an innocent question gets Toya and her husband very riled up — and Lisa is collateral damage.

The Bravo preview clip shows the group seated at dinner, engaged in a hot topic — how men and women think differently. Things quickly heat up when Bush-Harris’ husband interrupts her and outs the fact his wife doesn’t check in throughout the day anymore. Toya cuts him off mid-sentence and tells him to ‘shut up!’ and ‘boy  you betta’ put that biscuit in your mouth and quit playing,’ this spectacle leaves the other couples stunned and speechless.

Watch the drama unfold above and tune in to Married to Medicine tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET.


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