‘The Thirsty Tell Lies!’ Phaedra Parks Responds To Accusations Of Hitting On Shamea’s Man!

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Phaedra Parks wears many hats: lawyer, mother, funeral director, and shit stirrer. I’m not sure what that hat looks like, though. A poo emoji?

In the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra was serving up some steamy tea as she told Sheree Whitfield that Kandi Burruss, her husband, Todd, and Shemea Morton were three very chummy friends with bennies. But there’s not a hint of it in her blog this week.

I think Kandi’s right when she says Phaedra throws the rock and then hides her hand. But she was caught on camera this time. No hiding from that. So, I guess Phaedra thinks if she ignores it, she won’t have to address it? By the time the reunion rolls around, Phaedra will have her little talking points memorized.

So, let’s see what Phaedra does say in her blog this week — specifically about Kandi telling Sheree Whitfield and Porsha Williams that Phaedra has been spreading rumors all over town, running down Todd and his businesses. You know Kandi is serious about money, now. You go after her bank, you’re out of the Kandi circle.

Phaedra simply waves off Kandi’s complaints.

“At this point, I am not surprised by anything. It is status quo for Kandi to deflect on everyone else under the guise of “keeping it real,” while taking zero ownership for her role in the situation.”

Phaedra barely addresses the rumors that she was after Shamea’s man. Rubbing up on him, wondering why he never gave Phaedra a ring.

“Everyone is searching for significance in one way or another. Some of us work hard to achieve our goals, while the thirsty tell lies to become a part of any conversation.”

If anyone is good at telling lies, it’s Phaedra! So, what’s your take? Is Phaedra lying about Shamea’s special relationship with Kandi and Todd or is she actually telling the truth this time?


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