‘RHOBH’ Dorit Kemsley Is Over Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna ‘Analyzing’ Her Every Thought!

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For such a small, innocuous woman, Dorit Kemsley certainly seems to bring out some strong feelings in viewers. They either love her, hate her, or love to hate her. What is it about this new ‘Housewife’ that causes such a reaction?

Let’s examine, shall we? First, Dorit speaks with a fluctuating accent that strikes some as Madonna-esque. She’s dragged out Erika Girardi’s panty situation a few too many times, and she’s not afraid to share her opinions freely.

But to hear Dorit tell it, she’s a bit lost in the Housewife world and is trying to walk through the minefield that is Beverly Hills without offending anyone. Too late! She’s already pissed off Miss Erika, who likes to take passive-aggressive swipes at Dorit whenever she gets the chance.

Erika said Dorit was the type of woman she stayed away from. And the panty gift was an insult! (I know you’re all weary of the panty debacle, but I’m warning you, it’s not going away. The women argue about it again next week. Thank you for that, Bravo. And by “thank you”, I mean eff you.)

Anyway, back to Dorit and her ongoing clash with Erika.

“Hearing what Erika said about me was tough, but I guess I can understand it. She’s entitled to her opinion, but it’s still not nice to hear. …it seems like me and Erika have gotten off on the wrong foot, but I really want things to settle down. I’m confident we can get past this, and I will definitely be trying to.”

Good luck with that, Dorit.

When PK and Dorit threw a dinner party, they invited Lisa Rinna, and her lips came along for the ride. She talked about losing her dad, Eileen Davidson losing her mom, and somehow tying all of it into last season’s attack on Lisa Vanderpump. Dorit claims that she and PK simply misunderstood the context.

“I was under the impression that Lisa R. left our dinner party happy and had a lovely time. At least that’s what she told me. …Neither PK nor myself had any intention of “dissecting” the deaths of both Lisa R. and Eileen‘s family members. We were talking about the mere fact that if people had known Eileen was going through a bereavement…”

But Rinna spun out, as she tends to do, and called Eileen, letting her know that everyone had an opinion on her grief process.

“We never had any intention for Lisa R. and Eileen to take offense from anything said. We respect them and feel for them both with those they’ve lost.”

Dorit likes a dinner party with lots of diverse opinions. But getting her dander up is Rinna’s second favorite pastime, next to hustling.

“I thought she should come and join PK and I at our dinner party. I was looking forward to getting to know her more… We do respect other people’s opinions and love a good debate at the dinner table, and it’s OK if people disagree with us. For us, that’s a good dinner party: lots of lively conversations and viewpoints.”

Next, Dorit had to deal with Eileen, who was pissed that Dorit and PK had been talking about her. Which, hello, Eileen talks about everyone. They all talk about everyone!

“The beach walk was a lovely idea and fun with Eileen. It was so windy, but the conversation unfortunately got a little awkward. It seemed like she wanted me to apologize for what I honestly was having issues recalling. We discussed so many things at our dinner party.”

Well of course Eileen wanted an apology. That’s just a given. Vinny must apologize seventy times a day. “Sorry I left my shoes on the floor. Sorry I didn’t put down the toilet seat. Sorry I lost our life savings on a hand of poker.” You know, the usual.

Dorit feels that Rinna threw her under the bus. But that is the way of Rinna. If tossing bodies under the wheels of a moving Metro were an Olympic sport, she have gold medals.

“I didn’t realize every comment and opinion was going to be analyzed or shared, and nothing mean or hurtful was being said… As I’ve said, I don’t hold back, but maybe I’ll have to be on my guard more in the future.”

When Dorit dropped by Camille Grammer’s new place to have lunch with Eileen and Erika, she was swatted down — and fast. In fact, as Erika made fun of Dorit, the other women laughed at her. That had to be uncomfortable. As uncomfortable as getting a pair of knickers? I have no idea. Maybe she and Erika are even Steven now? (Oh, I kid!!)

“It was also great to hear about the wonderful things going on with Erika’s music career. I had no idea that her music was so big. I had heard she was a performer, but I genuinely didn’t know that she was such a successful artist producing nine number one hits — that’s really something!”

It was so damned impressive that Dorit sarcastically called it a hobby. And that fired up fans like a Roman candle. Yes Dorit, you are definitely going to have to guard that mouth.

So, are you on the “hate Dorit” bandwagon or should we give this Housewife a few more episodes before we make our final decision?


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