‘RHOBH’ Eileen Davidson Is Pissed Dorit Kemsley & PK Remarked About The Loss of Her Mother: ‘Who Is Anyone To Judge’

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Eileen Davidson has had a tough year, no question about it. Losing six people in a year takes its toll. But losing her mother — and according to Eileen, her best friend — must have been the most difficult loss of all.

On the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Eileen decided not to share the loss of her mother before the reunion. In her blog this week, she sticks by that choice, calling it an act of survival.

“Once and for all: I lost my mother in March. This was months after all the issues with Lisa V. happened. The next day, I worked Y&R. I chose not to tell anyone there because that was the only way I could do my job. It was pure survival.”

Eileen wanted to discuss all that had gone down with the women last year without holding back. Mainly, she wanted her 902nd apology from Lisa Vanderpump, who probably would have given it happily had she known Eileen suffered such a devastating loss.

“We all had a lot of issues that needed to be talked through. I knew it would rob everyone of their ability to be honest with me if they were all walking on eggshells.”

Then there was the fact that Eileen’s grief was very close to the surface. This season, she said she was rather embarrassed by it and the fact that she’d had so much turmoil in her life over the last year.

“More over, I couldn’t even talk about my mother without breaking down. The best — and really the only — decision was that if I was going to be at the reunion, I was not going to discuss what had happened until I was ready.”

On the latest RHOBH episode, PK and Dorit Kemsley threw a dinner party. Lisa Rinna mentioned she’d lost her father. PK, in his own ham-fisted way, tried to validate her feelings — but it got a little lost in translation, and Rinna didn’t appreciate it. Then Rinna brought up the fact that Eileen had lost her mother, but kept it from everyone. PK and Dorit thought that was a little unfair to everyone, who would have cut her some slack had they known.

When she found out, Eileen was angry and felt she had to confront Dorit.

“I would have happily explained this to Dorit, PK, or anyone who asked. When Lisa R. informed me that this had been brought up at dinner, I wanted to get to the bottom of it with Dorit. But Dorit said she didn’t remember. But now I know it was talked about.”

That last sentence sounds just a tad paranoid, and here’s my problem. Why does Eileen give a shit? She doesn’t know these people. She doesn’t have to explain herself to them.

“When Lisa R. informed me that this had been brought up at dinner, I wanted to get to the bottom of it with Dorit. But Dorit said she didn’t remember. But now I know it was talked about. And there were some very strong opinions regarding myself and Lisa R. going around. Who is anyone to judge how I chose to handle the loss of my mother? Especially two people who I hardly know, and don’t have the all facts?”

Still, you know Andy Cohen is going to ask her about it on the reunion or Watch What Happens Live. Eileen seemed obsessed with the fact that the newcomers were talking about her. But isn’t that the whole point of this show? Everyone talks about everyone and shares their opinions freely — and then usually backtracks and apologizes later. Or not. (I’m giving you a saucy wink, Lisa Vanderpump!)

Eileen’s first meeting with Dorit was a flop. Dorit pretty much shut Eileen’s ire down once she admitted she didn’t even remember Eileen being mentioned at the dinner party. That took the wind out Eileen’s sails.

At a lunch at Camille Grammer’s house, Eileen and Erika Girardi snarked at Dorit. And Dorit bit right back. I thought was kind of entertaining, watching Eileen remain speechless for all of two seconds.

So, was Eileen right to address Dorit’s remarks? And was Dorit right to shut Eileen up as she tried to talk to Erika? What are your thoughts?


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