Bethenny Frankel Suing Lawyers Over NYC Apartment Battle With Ex Jason Hoppy

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Even though her divorce process lasted longer than her marriage, Bethenny Frankel is going back to court — this time to sue her lawyers over their handling of the divorce.

According to the original lawsuit, before the divorce, Bethenny bought a condo in Manhattan for a reported $5 million. This property, at the urging of her then husband, Jason Hoppy, was then put into a trust.

The Real Housewives of New York star wanted the property in her name alone, but “went along with the trust idea,” according to TMZ. When the divorce papers were initially filed, Bethenny discovered — to her shock and dismay — the trust gave Hoppy 50% ownership of the condo and the right to live there without paying one red cent.

It’s Bethenny’s contention this hiccup caused the divorce to get messier and take three years to finalize. Bethenny is suing her attorneys for a reported $2 million.

Tell us what you think. Are the lawyers to blame or would the divorce have taken close to four years no matter what?


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