Kenya Moore Exposes Phaedra’s Lies, Dishes On Home Invaders & Says Sheree Whitfield Doesn’t Live In Chateau Sheree On #WWHL

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Andy Cohen was back on Watch What Happens Live for the first show of 2017.

The clubhouse got an update, including 2 seats from the original Oprah Winfrey show and secret door. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Erika Girardi and Kenya Moore from the Real Housewives of Atlanta made their entrance as the first two guests of the New Year.

The shadiest moment of the night came when Dorit Kemsley questioned Erika’s singing career, calling it a hobby. Since Erika recently performed at Christina Aguilera’s birthday party, she wasn’t bothered by the remark. Also, Bethenny Frankel was a guest and she and Erika chatted.

“She was cool. She was very nice to me.”

On RHOA, Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks opened the closet door and let all the secrets come falling out. Kenya gave her take:

“At this point, nothing surprises me with these girls. I think Kandi was just fed up because Phaedra is like a slippery, greased pig. You can’t catch her…you just can’t reel her in.”

We saw a montage of all the talk centered on Erika and her panty-less vajayjay. All the Housewives had an opinion. On a sneak peek of next week’s episode, they’re still talking about it! Eileen Davidson takes Dorit to task, and when Kyle Richards agreed, Dorit reminded Kyle she was in on the panty gift.

Andy asked if Erika thought the other women were keeping this non-issue alive. Nope—she’s blaming everything on Dorit.

“Everybody’s responsible for the words that come out of their mouths. But they all stuck up for me, so you know, no.”

The first poll question of the night revealed that 95% of viewers were on Erika’s side.

On RHOA, Phaedra threw Shamea Morton, Kandi, and Todd under the threesome bus when she told Sheree Whitfield they like a little ménage on the side. Kenya gave her opinion of the rumor.

“I mean, come on. I thought you were talking about Phaedra and Chocolate, because we all know who spilled the beans on that. And now we see what’s coming to light. No, I don’t think Kandi and Shamea are having an affair or screwing each other or whatever the case may be. One thing I do know about Kandi, she always tells the truth. She’s never been one to lie. She didn’t lie about her pregnancy, she didn’t lie about phone calls to Cynthia—we’ve all caught Phaedra in several lies. Kandi has been truthful on the show from the beginning.”

At Kenya’s house this past weekend, some people climbed her fence and knocked on her door. She pulled a loaded gun on them. She’s a licensed gun owner in Georgia, and she’s not apologizing for it.

“Yeah, you can keep a gun in your house and in your car. Listen, if some crazy mf”s have the nerve…I have a gated property. They went around my gate and went and trespassed. They did so many things that were asking for it, not only to be shot, but an ass whooping. They’re lucky they didn’t get both. You come to my property, I have the right to defend myself.”

And it worked. As soon as Kenya pulled the gun, the trespassers ran off.

Kenya and Matt are no longer together, but on the RHOA sneak peek, he tracks her down. Matt insists on talking to Kenya, but she’s not interested. So Matt punched her driver in the face, which had Peter and Todd clutching their man pearls and shaking their heads in dismay.

Viewers wondered if Dorit was jealous of Erika and that’s why the panty situation escalated.

“No, I don’t think she’s jealous. That’s just who she is.”

In the feud between Kandi and Phaedra, Kenya said:

“I’m on the side of the truth. I think Kandi is telling the truth.”

Another fan wanted to know if Erika still thinks PK is creepy after watching the show. How did she feel seeing him again after learning about his fascination with her hooha?

“I tried to forget it and move on, because I knew I’d have to see him again. But it doesn’t feel good. It’s an embarrassing thing, and it doesn’t feel good.”

Andy pointed out that Dorit was trying to make light of the situation by giving the lacy knickers as a gift. And Erika insists she does have a sense of humor.

“It was the insinuation that I’d done it on purpose that really makes me upset. If you see my first reaction, it’s like, “Oh, stop it.” But then when I realized she’d talked about it with everyone else, and I felt like it became something else.”

Kenya chimed in.

“She was poking at her, too. Remember when she said something about her husband? I thought, okay, now she’s crossed the line.”

Erika admitted that she wasn’t wearing panties on WWHL, and spread her legs. But since she was wearing a jumpsuit, we were all safe from her snatch.

Erika doesn’t appreciate the British sense of humor either.

“I think sometimes it’s used to cover meanness, and sometimes it’s funny. But when it stings, like the thing with Eileen, that really hurt her feelings.”

Neither woman watched their castmates on Celebrity Apprentice. And they weren’t sorry about it.

The second poll question of the night said Kenya didn’t overreact by pulling a gun on the trespassers. 83% agreed with her actions.

“I go to the gun range all the time. I shoot in real tight little clusters. I’ll post some videos.”

On the Mariah Carey New Year’s Eve incident, Erika gave zero f**ks.

“She’s a legend. It doesn’t matter whether she sings one note or no notes. She’s a legend. She can do whatever she wants.”

Andy kept going back to Kenya’s talent with a loaded gun, asking how many she owned. Four, for the record. When he asked if anyone had ever tried to break into Chateau Sheree, Kenya quipped:

“No one lives there.”

Erika sang her new club song, Expensive (Xpensive??). Whatever else is going on with her, she has a terrific bod, I’ll give her that.

So, what did you make of tonight’s episode? Was Dorit out of line with Eileen or was Eileen being overly sensitive about last season? 


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