‘LHHNY’ Blind Side! Yandy Smith-Harris Reveals To Mendeecees They’re NOT Legally Married In Shocking Jailhouse Call — She Lied To Hubby!

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You plan the perfect wedding. Find just the right venue, dress, caterer, and flowers for the biggest day of your life. And then you have the blessed event filmed for national TV, flaunting your happiness in the face of your ex’s baby mamas.

But it’s all a big lie.

Such is the case with Love & Hip Hop New York’s Yandy Smith-Harris and her incarcerated husband, Mendeecees. When the whispers started that these two weren’t legally married, Yandy confirmed to her girlfriends that she never filed the papers.

That’s all fine and good if the couple decides on a spiritual union instead of a legally binding one. Just one, teeny, weeny little problem. The groom wasn’t in on the joke!

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Earlier, Yandy explained the situation. Sort of. But we all assumed that Mendeecees was in agreement! Yandy said:

“I have a union with Mendeecees, but I did not go into a partnership with Mendeecees and the government.”

Some thought that this was an elaborate maneuver was a way to keep Mendeecees baby mamas from forming an alliance against Yandy. Especially since Mendeecees was going to prison for drug trafficking, and she’d be on her own.

Also, this could have been a legal loophole, keeping Yandy’s finances forever separate from Mendeecees, so the other women couldn’t go after her money.

When Yandy finally talked to Mendeecees on the phone, he was shocked to learn that she hadn’t sent in the papers. She said she’d “advised” not to. Mendeecees was upset and confused. But Yandy stated:

“The whole reason why I didn’t want to sign off on it was the money issue.”

From the way it sounded, she was waiting until his court case was resolved. Maybe the government could go after her money if they were legally married. But Mendeecees countered:

“It’s seven months, and I’m already in prison — that case is closed.”

Yandy tried to brush him off, saying they could figure it out when he got out of prison, His response? A dial tone.


So, what do you think is really going on? Is Yandy worried about the government taking her coins or the baby mamas coming after her?


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