‘Married To Medicine’ Toya Bush-Harris Accuses Lisa Nicole Cloud Of Running A Pyramid Scheme & Maintains Her Husband Is Gay!

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The arguments between Lisa Nicole Cloud and Toya Bush-Harris are getting more intense with each episode of Married to Medicine.

When last we left our bickering doctors’ wives, Toya was treating everyone to a spa day. She assigned everyone a different treatment. But Lisa Nicole wasn’t willing to play along, and instead, sat in the massage chair that was meant for Simone Whitmore, denying the grieving doctor a relaxing rubdown.

When Toya called Lisa out for not getting with the program, Lisa insisted she wouldn’t let Toya push her around — like she does with her husband, Eugene.

Of course Toya called out Lisa’s husband, Dr. Darren Naugles for being gay, as she’s done many times before. Last season, a man came forward, claiming he and Darren were lovers. Though Lisa and Darren have both denied the rumors, the women of M2M persist in bringing it up.

Not happy to leave it there, Toya started tweeting about Lisa Nicole’s business, calling it a pyramid scheme.

One viewer thought it was wrong to continue to call Darren gay. Toya stood by her comments.

And like every six-year-old child, Toya claimed that Lisa started the shit talking first, so her comebacks were justified.

Toya insists that Lisa and her husband are living a lie. And of course, it’s her job to bring out the truth. This from the woman who owes the IRS almost 200k.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes also resorted to questioning Darren’s sexuality when she and Lisa got in an argument. The difference between Toya and Heavenly is that Heavenly regretted her words. Toya…not so much.


Not only was Toya defending her treatment of Lisa Nicole, she also took on viewers who thought she should be doing more to get her tax bill under control — like moving to a house she can afford, so that Dr. Eugene won’t work himself into an early grave. But Toya refuses to move from the expensive Buckhead area.

Toya and Eugene actually own a home outside of Buckhead, and while Eugene thinks they should move back, Toya is against it. She likes the monster mansion she can’t afford, thank you!

Toya and Eugene met with the famous Suzie Orman to seek some financial advice about their overwhelming debt. Toya hopes Bravo shows the scene of their little chat. I’m sure Eugene just hopes Toya will take Suzie’s advice and downsize.

Lisa Nicole tried to clap back at Toya by stating that most people think she’s nasty and bitter. And Toya is clearly jealous of everyone else’s financial status. She was even willing to accept Dr. Simone’s offer to pay their way to Hawaii. Eugene was horrified and embarrassed by the suggestion.

Toya barked back that Lisa should stop talking about Eugene. Or else. But Lisa Nicole called Toya a “silly child.”

In the upcoming trip to Hawaii, the tension between the two women seems to escalate. Eugene calls Darren out for going to strip clubs without his wife’s knowledge.

So, do we have a side to cheer for in this battle? Both women are kind of obnoxious, so it’s really hard to root for either one of them. Thoughts?


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