#SisterWives Mariah Brown’s Gay Bombshell — Is She Confused or Running From Polygamy? Twitter Sounds OFF!

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Mariah Brown ended last night’s episode of Sister Wives with a bang — stunning the polygamous family and officially coming out to America, announcing that she is gay.

Mariah raked in the support on social media, with fans applauding the semi-shocker. 


In an interesting twist, TLC aired a flashback episode immediately following the announcement, and not surprisingly, Mariah was shot to front and center of the TLC stage. TLC made sure to highlight Mariah’s past voiced  commitment to live in a future plural marriage.

“Seeing all that [family struggles] has never swayed me from wanting to live this way,” said Mariah, preparing to take on her college experience. “I know it’s tough, but when I see how happy my family is, and how happy my parents are, that’s what I look at.”

TLC also made sure to replay Meri describing Mariah’s heartbreak at being pulled from their home church in Utah, emphasizing her daughter’s devout faith. The family relocated to Las Vegas, when Mariah was a teen.

Mariah’s mother, Meri Brown’s wrestle with an online catfish has been exhaustively rehashed on the hit reality series. Mariah has been open in expressing her angry skepticism, and continues to shade her mother’s story,  along with Meri’s ever-shifting defense. Mariah certainly yanked the attention  away from her mother’s drama — and some fans are raising their eyebrows.



Independent awakening — or a confused and angry kid sprinting from a polluted lifestyle, in a bellow for attention? Time…and TLC will tell. 


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