‘RHOA’ Shamea Morton Says Porsha Williams Broke ‘Girl Code’; Kandi Calls Phaedra’s Gay Allegations ‘BS’

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On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the tea was hot, fresh, and scandalous!

It all started when Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks tried to out-shame each other by spilling secrets. Somehow, Shamea Morton got caught up in the war between the two Housewives. Now Shamea has taken to social media and is defending herself and taking aim at Porsha Williams.

So, how did this tangled knot get started in the first place? When Kandi told anyone who’d listen that Phaedra was talking with another man while still married to Apollo. Not only that, Phaedra planned on marrying this man.

While the word “cheating” never passed Kandi’s lips, her tweet did the talking for her.

Kandi met up at an outdoor café with Sheree Whitfield and Porsha Williams. She told them she’d had enough of Phaedra’s bullshit. There was no friendship to salvage because Phaedra had been warning people not to do business with Todd. You mess with Kandi’s coins, you’re in serious trouble.

Next, Sheree and Porsha had dinner with Phaedra and spilled all the tea they’d heard from Kandi. Porsha even supplied the fact that Shamea thought Phaedra was trying to move in on her man.

Phaedra, in turn, commented that everybody knows that Shamea has slept her way through Atlanta. And Shamea is a girl who really likes to share—especially when it comes to Kandi and her husband, Todd. Phaedra stated:

“Well Shamea’s been sleeping with everybody else but who talking about that? You know her and Kandi are like this. Her and Kandi are like f**king.”

At this point, Sheree did a double take. “Wait, Kandi is f**king who?” When Phaedra repeated herself, Sheree said, “You a motherf**king liar.”

Porsha confirmed:

“They are really close.”

Shamea is now caught in the middle. (No pun intended.) She posted a message on social media implying that Porsha broke the “girl code.” And that she was hurt by Porsha’s loose lips.


Kandi also denied the claim, calling it “bs”

Shamea, who’s engaged to be married, apparently appreciate those three way stories making the rounds. Her fiancé, Gerald Mwangi, probably didn’t either.


So, what drove Phaedra and Kandi apart in the first place? Some viewers think Kandi became jealous when Phaedra started confiding in Nene Leakes about her divorce. But it seemed like Kandi and Todd were definitely taking Apollo’s side. They even helped him hide some of his property from the government.

And was Kandi the one who dropped a dime on Phaedra’s two-timing with Mr. Chocolate? Some fans think so.

So, what’s your take? Are the rumors about Kandi and Shamea true? I don’t know who to root for in this bitter war of words—how about you?


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