‘RHOBH’ Lisa Vanderpump Calls Out Eileen Davidson For Encouraging Dorit To Confront Erika Over #PantyGate

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As we all know, Lisa Vanderpump has a passion for pooches. Not only is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star trying to single-handedly take on the Chinese government for their abuse of dogs during the Yulin dog festival, but now she has her own rescue center.

“…this week we visited Spot Rescue. Initially we wanted to participate in their rescue center… After much consideration we formed The Vanderpump Dog Foundation and have since taken premises of our own …”

Watching Ken snip and wash the rescue dog was adorable. When I come back in my next life, I’m going to be a Pomeranian with alopecia. Then the Vanderpumps will adopt me, I’ll wear frilly outfits and be pampered and served specially made cocktails from expensive crystal glasses. #AfterLifeGoals

But back to the serious matter at hand: Erika Girardi and her naked crotch! Dorit Kemsley told her new friends Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna all about the faux pas of Erika flashing her labia at Dorit’s husband, PK. LVP observed:

Dorit…lightheartedly engages in conversation with Eileen and Lisa R, who playfully encourage her. I believe Eileen states that she “wanted to be there if she confronts Erika” and giggled over the prospect of a fascinating conversation…so one can safely assume that there was no discouragement that ensued from any of the women.”

Gasp! Does that mean Eileen was being manipulative by encouraging Dorit to chat with Erika about crossing her legs in mixed company? Ahem.

When Kyle Richards and Dorit went shopping, they talked about #coochgate, and Dorit bought a pair of nude knickers for Erika. According to LVP, it was all in good fun.

Kyle initiated…lighthearted banter…saying she wanted to witness the delivery of the “gift,” which was obviously provocative, but for the most part it was a humorous, and albeit ridiculous, situation that was about to transpire.”

By the time LVP showed up at the Escape Room, the other women were all there, and Dorit had given her little present to Erika—who did not find it humorous. Mainly because Erika is a buzzkill who wouldn’t know a joke if it came up and motorboated her. 

“I don’t believe it was Dorit‘s intention to chasten or remonstrate Erika but instead to playfully acknowledge the faux pas. In all honesty I was never fully aware of the depth of embarrassment that was obviously so palpable as I watched this.”

Embarrassment? Again, I must point out that Erika showed her entire pixelated naked body last season on national TV. Was she really embarrassed to be caught flashing her snatch over cocktails?

LVP thought Erika should have laughed it off, and I agree. A little self-deprecation could go a long way, but Erika has such a frigid personality, she can’t share in the humor.

“I believe that Erika should’ve brushed it off, but that is her prerogative to deal with Dorit how she wants. However, this evolves into a bigger problem, and in my humble opinion, an unecessary [sic] scenario…”

This is what we’ve got to work with this season, kids—Erika’s bare bits. Hey, at least we’re not listening to Yolanda detail her journey through the Lyme groves, am I right?

So, what’s your take? Should Erika lighten the heck up or is she right to be angry?


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