Crocodile Tears! Watch Jenelle Evans Choke Out Tears In Courtroom Testimony Over #TeenMom2 Assault Case [VIDEO]

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Teen Mom 2 premieres tonight on MTV, catching up fans with their favorite post-teens, Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry.

In a preview clip below, Jenelle Evans takes the stand in court, defending her volatile action against her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend, Jessica Henry. Jenelle was charged with assault and battery in August of  2015, and was granted a request to face a jury with her side of the story.

Jenelle stammers out her side, claiming that the water glass “slipped” out of her hand, conking Jessica in the head. Amy, Jenelle’s overworked attorney, makes her first appearance of the season, in the courtroom scene.  Jenelle begins her story by explaining that she was in her kitchen “making ice water” when all hell broke loose, after Nathan and Jessica made an appearance in her driveway. 

“I came outside, and Jessica said something to me — I don’t even remember what she said….” Jenelle says, noting that Jessica made her feel threatened. “I went to go throw water in her face, I did not mean for the cup to hit her at all. I threw it this way…and it slid out of my hand and hit her in the head.”

Jenelle explains that Jessica threw the cup back — and missed — before Nathan began mouthing off about their son.

“He was screaming ‘you will not have your son back, I will make sure that he is taken from you forever, and you will never see him again’…” Jenelle says, adding, “I just try and be a good person and a good mom, that’s all.”

MTV threw major shade at Jenelle’s long list of tangles with the law, during a catch-up special, airing last week. 

Jenelle chose to remain silent after the bashing, perhaps deeming it a tad early to fire off her first predictable rant against MTV editors.

Teen Mom 2 premieres tonight — at 9:00 p.m. ET on MTV.


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