‘Ladies Of London’ Marissa Hermer Denies Spreading Rumors About Caroline Stanbury

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Anyone who’s watched previous seasons of Ladies of London knows Caroline Stanbury has a tart tongue. But this season instead of being cheeky, she’s been aggressive and angry. Not only has she fought with her sister-in-law, Sophie Stanbury, but now she’s accusing Marissa Hermer of stirring up gossip about the real reason for her move to Dubai.

According to Caroline, she’s moving because her husband got a great job opportunity. However, word on the street has it that Caroline is running from legal troubles. And she believes all that tea has been spilled by American, Marissa.

But as viewers know, Marissa had a dangerous, life-threatening pregnancy. Not only was she on bedrest, she was forced to give birth at 34 weeks and had an emergency hysterectomy after her C-section. Caroline wasn’t even on her radar.


Last season, Caroline had to close her gift concierge business, Gift Library. The ladies asked Caroline’s friend and hairdresser, Luke Henderson, if Caroline was running to Dubai to escape legal troubles from her failed business venture. None of them had the courage to ask for themselves, so Luke asked for them.

By Caroline’s own admission, closing her business took a year to clean up. Between angry employees, legal knots, and empty-handed investors, Caroline has had a lot on her plate.

She looks at the other women as “housewives trying to play business.” Caroline pointed out that legal problems are impossible to outrun.

Jules [Julie Montagu] and all the other girls, they don’t know any better, I get that. But Marissa should know better about legal issues with a business. Matt [Marissa’s husband Matt Hermer] has a huge business, he gets how hard it is.”

Marissa’s husband owned one of the trendiest private nightclubs in London, called Boujis. But his license was pulled after two brawls on the premises. Caroline smugly pointed out Marissa’s own legal problems.

Marissa started these rumors. Somehow she manages to find all the dirt there is on any of the rest of us but miraculously forgot what’s been going on in the newspapers with Boujis. I am angry. Little Miss Perfect is showing herself to maybe not be so perfect.”


But Marissa is adamant that she didn’t start the rumors about Caroline fleeing London because of her financial and legal woes. Bravo never showed a scene where Marissa talked smack about Caroline, leaving some viewers scratching their heads over why Caroline decided to point a finger at Marissa.


A fan on Twitter asked why Marissa was taking the blame. What does Caroline have against her?


One fan believed Caroline’s conspiracy theory and thought Marissa should tend to her own family instead of throwing shade. Caroline agreed.

A viewer on Instagram wondered if the Ladies of London had nothing better to do than sit around and talk about Caroline. Caroline responded:

“witherellheather: They are what we call haters. Do they have any thing else to talk about other than you??!!????????????????”

“carolinestanbury: @witherellheather nope clearly not


On the way to Marissa’s party, Caroline and Juliet Angus discussed Marissa and her tendency to gossip. Juliet said, “Marissa likes to convince everyone that she is always as sweet as pie but there is a side of her that is a bit of a shit-stirrer.”

You’re living in a glass house, Juliet, so put that stone down, girl.

What’s your take? Will we see proof that Marissa started the rumor or is Caroline simply paranoid?


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