‘Sister Wives’ Kody & Meri Brown Continue Healing In Therapy After Catfish Affair Rocked Their Marriage

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Viewers will eavesdrop on a counseling session with Kody and Meri Brown, on tonight’s all new episode of Sister Wives. The TLC preview clip reveals Meri and Kody sharing some catfish nuggets, hashing out how they plan to move on from the online affair that suffocated any last gasping breath of spiritual love.

Meri shares her happiness about Kody’s desire to “protect and defend” her from her slimy online lover, adding that she wants to shut down all attention directed at the issue. Kody shares his secret thoughts about their post-catfish reality.

“I was really bugged by the bully aspect of this,” says Kody. “But as I’m sitting here and I’m going through some processes of feeling some pretty evil thoughts about somebody who’s done us wrong, I have to check myself, because I thought I had literally crossed the line emotionally. I don’t want to become what this person is.”

Therapist Nance encourages them to emotionally ditch the fish, before she turns the attention back to their pummeled marriage.

“This whole situation, this whole experience has caused us to really take a look at us, and our relationship,” Meri says.

Kody agrees, and believes that their dicey romance has been reset, noting that honesty about their past and present relationship is a must.

Catch up on the fishy fallout on Sister Wives, tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET, on TLC. 


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