‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Toya’s Brutally Honest Spa Day For The Women Turns Ugly After Drama Erupts

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Recap by guest blogger LisaAnnP.

Tonight’s Married to Medicine episode kicks off with aunt Quad watching her nephew, baby Mason. She really is great with children, and would make a good mother. I hope she looks at time with a realistic perspective. She will certainly miss Mason once her brother finds a job and moves his family out of her home. 

Toya and Eugene are discussing Toya‘s unhappiness with Genise as their real estate agent. They are determined to find new homes to view that are more appealing to them. I don’t think Toya fully understands what it means to downsize because she is pushing for homes that are only slightly lower in price than the home she’s in now. That will not significantly decrease their debt. It is less than the amount of money she would make at a part-time job and Greg already explained a small income would not be enough to sustain them. Toya needs to drastically realign her standards to fit her budget, or they will incur the cost of moving expenses only to find themselves in the same position. Round one goes to Genise. 

Heavenly feels she is trying her best to pass the tests the Lord throws her way, but when it comes to Lisa Nicole, she needs more than a wing and a prayer. Quad is discussing the party with Greg, and mentioning how Mariah and Aydin showed up uninvited. Quad believes Mariah is a liar at her core. A clip shows Mariah explaining to Dr. Simone that she did nothing but be a friend to Quad, who betrayed her. All of Quad‘s attacks were unwarranted. 

Across town, Mariah is talking with Aydin in the bedroom. Aydin is a long-time friend of Greg’s and probably would have been welcomed at the party if he left Mariah at home, but he was being a good husband. Mariah attests that being turned away at the event did not affect her in the least. She feels someone should have spoken up for her and doesn’t understand why Simone was invited. Mariah would never single a person out the way Quad did to her. 

Toya and Eugene are looking for homes in a lavish neighborhood, but now want to pay even less than the price they discussed earlier. They are trying to save between two and three-thousand dollars a month, without Toya lowering her standards or scaling back in any way on her must-have list. The backyard(s) aren’t big enough and she feels the neighborhood is a little too close to the freeway. Toya, the rest of us buy what we can afford and don’t live beyond our means so we aren’t forced to move every two years to avoid eviction. At some point, you are going to have to deal with it.

Dr. Simone is always trying to spice up her sex life with Cecil. This has been going on since the first season. Her idea of sexy bedroom attire is reading glasses and a fur boa. Maybe Toya can give her some tips in bedroom acrobatics? Simone is excited about her upcoming 20th wedding anniversary. She will be celebrating with Cecil in Hawaii with the rest of the ladies for the annual couples trip. I sincerely hope Lisa Nicole manages to convince Darren to come so she is not the only woman alone on the island.

Dr. Jackie is meeting with a patient who is getting an ID (intrauterine device). It used to be a simple insertion done at home, but is now a complicated procedure that must be performed by a health care provider and lasts up to 12 years. Dr. Jackie performs them quite regularly, sometimes several times a day, and her workdays are getting longer. Jackie claims it’s no secret that her busy and successful career impacts her personal life. She and Curtis are like two ships passing in the night these days as they rarely see one another, except on Friday night. Curtis wants her to slow down and spend time with him, but the long hours are necessary for Jackie to be a good doctor. This is the lifestyle she chose and there is no way to cut back on hours and still give her patients the level of care they are accustomed to receiving.

Dr. Simone and Mariah are meeting to talk about their very extensive and rocky history together. The gang is headed to Hawaii and amends need made so the trip is not ruined with infighting. Mariah is questioning Quad’s reasoning for turning her away at the party. Is it because Mariah knows the truth about who Quad is? Simone tries to explain that it all goes back to some comment Mariah made to offend Quad.

Mariah isn’t buying this explanation and feels that Quad is resentful and petty. Simone is trying to keep the conversation focused on their relationship. Simone tells Mariah about the hard time she’s been having lately, and how her father’s body was just found in an abandoned house. Mariah had no idea and was genuinely surprised. Once she realizes that she was the only one who didn’t know, she immediately starts crying. Mariah is very hurt by the snub and because she could not be there for Simone in her time of need. She feels that Simone should know how much her family cares about her.

Toya and Greg are discussing her 40th birthday party and how much she appreciates her friends. She wants to treat the ladies to a spa day to thank them for the party. Dr. Greg is more insightful than his wife and believes Toya’s plans for “Spa Day” could be seen as an insult since she wants to focus on changing so many things about the ladies. Toya sees it more as helping them out. She plans on changing Mariah’s energy, and helping Lisa “tone up.” Greg is whining about the expensive trip to Hawaii. Even though help was offered, he cannot accept Simone and Cecil’s “charity.” Toya has no problem whatsoever accepting their generous offer! Did we even doubt that for a minute? Then Toya begins rationalizing her acceptance of their help in the way only Toya can. She claims it is the least Simone and Cecil can do for last year’s vacation gaff. Remember? Toya was stuck in a “bad room” with a view of crabgrass. Her sense of entitlement is unparalleled.

Over at the new home, Dr. Jackie is doing a little decorating. According to her, it doesn’t feel the same. She just got there! It doesn’t have all of her signature touches, but Curtis is over the moon about the new home and it’s location. One thing he’s not happy about is that he and Jackie hardly see one another. He is complaining as usual that they only see one another on Fridays. Jackie jokes, “We’ll always have Fridays,” sort of like “We’ll always have Paris!” But, that couple did end up splitting, lest Jackie forget. Curtis is not biting!  He says Jackie walks in at night, on the phone!

She is always distracted. Jackie has no down time but she always keeps the family in the forefront of her mind. It doesn’t matter. Curtis is not backing down this time. He thinks Jackie is taking on way too much and things need to change. It seems as though an ultimatum was issued in an indirect way. Curtis walks off.

Over at Chez Lunceford, Quad looks thrilled that her brother, Quinten, was offered a job in “Communications Intel.” I’m not sure what that is exactly, but I guess it could mean anything from working as a Telemarketer to the McDonald’s drive-through window. She is getting him on a budget and is optimistic that he will move out soon and take care of his own family.  

Toya has just arrived for “Spa Day” with the ladies. She has planned everything down to the individual treatments of each of the women. We will see how her plans come to fruition. Toya is a stickler for controlling details, as we all know. The Spa looks relaxing and zen. The wine is chilling in the corner. Toya is wringing her hands deviously, as she plans to bring out all of the ladies’ character flaws. Mariah arrives and grabs a glass of wine. Almost instantly, Toya throws light shade her way. Heavenly already feels apprehension about seeing Lisa Nicole after their verbal altercation at the party. She hopes Lisa doesn’t start trouble tonight. Mariah and Simone exchange greetings. Mariah is adamant that everyone get along on the couples trip to Hawaii. Once everyone has arrived, Toya addresses the group with her plans for their spa treatments. First, Toya addresses Lisa and lets her know that she wants to help “tighten her core” in preparation for her pregnancy. Lisa says that she could be pregnant right now and Toya needs a cellulite wrap! I can see the shade meters starting to light up.  Dr. Jackie shows up late looking gorgeous in a burgundy dress and heels. Mariah will be getting a facial today, as will Quad. Mariah compares Quad without her wig and make-up to Mr. Potato Head. Toya embraces Simone for all she’s endured and wants her to have quiet time today. I’m not sure what “quiet time” means at the spa. Will she be sitting in a corner with earplugs?

Jackie is getting Botox and fillers and Heavenly thinks it will do her good because she is “too skinny” and looks like the fictional character, “Skeletor.” We are approaching a Category 5 shade-storm again this week. Heavenly is inquiring about Labiaplasty as gives her different options. Toya walks in the “zen zone” where Simone is, and finds Lisa Nicole in there with her… against her orders. Uh-oh. Toya demands to know why Lisa is in the “zen zone” bothering Simone. Lisa says she wants to be there and Simone doesn’t mind. Lisa tells Toya not to be so nasty and controlling and Toya slams the door.

Toya walks out and reports Lisa‘s faux pas to the ladies. Lisa thinks she is being “extra.” Mariah feels Toya is stressed over finances and is using Lisa as a  “punching bag.” Mariah pipes up to say that Toya and Lisa need to spend a day working things out. Toya is mad that Lisa interfered with her plan for Simone. Lisa thinks Toya is just trying to control everybody. Their voices are starting to escalate and Lisa makes another faux pas by telling Toya “You can’t treat me like you treat Eugene.”  I thought Toya’s head was going to spin around exorcist-style. Since Lisa did not respect the rule that family members should be kept out of their arguments, Toya breaks the rule in spite. She refers to Darren as “your gay-ass husband.” My shade meter just exploded. I must get it fixed before next week. Happy New Year!


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