‘RHOBH’ Eileen Davidson Backtracks After Cosigning Dorit About Erika Girardi’s Vulgar Snatch Flash

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On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Eileen Davidson doesn’t believe in shades of gray. Maybe that comes from her years of acting in soap operas. Every good story needs a clear hero and duplicitous bad guy.

Cast in the role of villainess, complete with a haughty accent and dry sense of humor is Lisa Vanderpump. The ice princess with perfect, shiny hair and bare snatch is Erika Girardi.

Now Eileen has brought Erika into her world by handing her a part on The Young and the Restless.

“Last year, when Erika came to visit me on the set of Young and the Restless, we had talked about her coming on the show. Now, it’s actually happening… I knew…Erika would handle the meeting like a pro… Nine number one hits and now she’s going to be on Young and the Restless? Is there anything Erika can’t do?”

Well, she can’t laugh at herself. Erika seems to have no sense of humor at all. She’s cold, aloof, and snooty. And she’s allergic to wearing panties, apparently. 

When Eileen found out that Erika flashed Dorit Kemsley’s husband, PK, she acted slightly shocked — why, I don’t know, because Erika struts around in see through catsuits for a living.

“When Dorit brought the “pantygate” situation up to Lisa R. and me…Dorit only told us that PK was “uncomfortable,” which seemed like a reasonable reaction… I speak for Lisa R. and myself when I say the vibe we got was light-hearted.”

Eileen takes umbrage of the fact that Dorit and PK actually discussed the situation the next day. Are you telling me Eileen wouldn’t bring it up if some woman flashed her hooha at Vinny—innocently or not? C’mon now!

“We had no idea the things that were being said about Erika. And neither did Erika herself, until Dorit gave her the underwear at the Escape Room.”

Eileen had encouraged Dorit to have a conversation with Erika and even hoped to be on hand to watch it play out. Hmm, like a puppet master, perhaps? Isn’t that what Eileen called Vanderpump all last season—a master manipulator?

“When I said to Dorit I wanted to be there when she told Erika, I absolutely did not mean it in a sinister way. I meant that I thought it would be an interesting conversation, because I thought Erika, in true Erika fashion, would shut it down.”

Then what was the point of telling Dorit to have a conversation with Erika in the first place? I think Eileen wanted to get some popcorn and watch a shit show go down.

“I feel really bad for Erika through all this. She just wanted to drop the whole thing, but it really has taken on a life of its own.”

Why feel bad for Erika? If you don’t want people staring at it, don’t put it on display. This goes for everything in life, from ugly lawn statues to bare vaginas.

So, do you feel bad for Erika? Was Eileen trying to manipulate Dorit? And is Eileen the real villain of this show?


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