‘RHOC’ Erika Girardi Is Offended By Dorit’s “Joke” & Feels She Was Trying To ‘Embarrass’ Her!

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It’s PantyGate! Erika Girardi has two personalities — one is an aloof wife to a much older man who treats her like a child. The other is a post-adolescent girl who sings raunchy songs and struts around half naked.

The Erika we see every week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is uptight and lacks the ability to laugh at herself. In fact, I find her personality a little bland. But when Erika talks about being an introvert while wearing a short skirt with a very high slit and no underwear, I’m thinking she isn’t being real with herself. That’s exhibitionist behavior, girl.

Being on the receiving end of Erika’s bare puss made newcomer, Dorit Kemsley, and her husband, PK, pretty uncomfortable. So, Dorit turned it into a joke and bought Erika a pair of knickers. Dorit shared that PK had a very nice view of Erika’s naughty bits.

Erika took to her blog to tell us how offended she was when Dorit called her out.

Dorit is continuously talking about the “pantygate” situation, and I can’t help but feel like she’s out to start trouble.”

What else is Dorit going to talk about? How much can she expound on her baby’s protective headband? Nevertheless, Erika thought Dorit was intentionally making her look bad. (No, hunty. You did that all on your own.)

“She’s rubbing her hands together with excitement as she tells Eileen and Lisa R. that she “can’t wait” to bring this topic up to me in front of other people. She tells Kyle, “I have to make fun of her.” You can see how much forethought and energy was put into this and how eager she was to rub my nose in it.”

I get the sense that Dorit tends to talk too much. She overshares and starts babbling. But was she being malicious? I don’t think so.

“This “joke” feels so contrived, like she’s trying to embarrass me.”

I feel like Erika has an issue — and it isn’t Dorit. For a woman who’s that confident in her body, what’s a little snatch flash in the scheme of things? She unveiled herself completely last season and didn’t flinch. If anything feels contrived, it’s Erika’s anger over the situation.

After going to the Escape Room, the ladies had lunch. Lisa Vanderpump asked about the gift Dorit gave to Erika. Erika rudely flung her hand in Dorit’s direction and said, ‘Ask her.’ But she tried to put a different spin on it in her blog.

“…the first thing Dorit wants to talk about is her ongoing conversation about my “puss” and how her husband “could not stop staring.” The more she tries to insinuate that I did this on purpose only makes matters worse.”

Erika stated a few times in the episode that she’s not sure she even flashed PK. Riiiiiight.

“I think it’s clear by now that this was not an intentional incident, and she should really leave it alone.”

So, is Erika the one making this into a big deal or is Dorit trying to stir up trouble? Were the panties a joke or another way to intentionally embarrass Erika? What’s your take?


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