Rumor Control: ‘Sister Wives’ Star Robyn Brown Not Divorcing Kody Brown!

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Plural rumors continue to multiply, but Sister Wives patriarch, Kody Brown, along with first wife castoff, Meri Brown, are setting the record straight.

The latest gossip chatter points to an alleged defection by prized wife, Robyn Brown — a tough tale to swallow considering the couple’s hard-fought legal status, and five hungry tax exemptions. 

Meri Brown has been blasting the tabloid shout-outs on Twitter—even indirectly calling their sources liars.

Kody jumped into the mix, responding to a “heartbroken” viewer, distraught that Robyn was fleeing the cult. His response undoubtedly calmed the superfan’s anxiety.

Meri chimed in her support, echoing her ex-legal’s stance.

Robyn is the latest alleged renegade, but Meri has been tagged with the title several times, since the catfish scandal exposed her messy spiritual marriage. So far, the whole crew is sticking close to their TLC paychecks.

Sister Wives resumes in a week, airing Sunday nights on TLC.


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