‘Married To Medicine’ Toya Bush-Harris Threatens To Expose Lisa Nicole Cloud’s ‘Tax Secrets’

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This season on Married to Medicine, Toya Bush-Harris and her husband, Dr. Eugene are in a financial bind.

Paying $10,000 a month for a mansion they can’t afford and owing $176,000 to the IRS has Eugene working double shifts. But Toya may not be the only M2M star who’s having tax issues.

During the show’s airing on Friday, Toya took to Twitter to put Lisa Nicole Cloud on blast, implying that Lisa also had some financial skeletons in the closet.

Lisa wasn’t about to let that fly, so she tweeted back that tax bills were the norm for people with a bank roll and that she wasn’t afraid of Toya’s threats.

Things started going south for the two women early on this season. After last year’s rumors about Lisa’s husband, Darren, being gay and spending too much time in strip clubs, she now wants another baby to help keep her marriage together.

During a dinner party at Mariah Huq’s house, Toya commented about Lisa’s reliance on nannies. Toya said having babies was piece of cake — when someone else is raising them. Lisa took immediate offense and called Toya tacky. In retaliation, Toya threw the gay rumors back in Lisa’s face.

“That’s your problem. You ain’t been boned in a motherf***ing long time…Don’t go there honey. Don’t go there honey…What’s tacky is you trying to have a baby with a dude who was called gay last year! Don’t ever say I’m tacky.”

Lisa has since threatened to sue Toya for slander, and Darren, who isn’t under contract, can sue her too.

But the Twitter battle didn’t stop at tax issues. In the most recent episode, Lisa also quarreled with Dr. Heavenly Kimes. At a birthday party, Heavenly asked if Lisa was pregnant yet. Lisa immediately went on the defense, and then posted this tweet, showing Heavenly in a cropped top and skirt that was obviously too tight. Body shaming 101.

One problem. That outfit came from Lisa Nicole’s collection. Oops! And Toya was quick to point it out, stating that Heavenly’s stylist was doing a great job — and staying away from Lisa’s store.

Lisa argued that Heavenly simply didn’t use the proper undergarments for the outfit. But Toya clapped back, saying the dress was made with “thin ass material.”

Lisa threw a dig at Heavenly, saying she made clothes for all budgets, implying, of course, that Heavenly couldn’t afford high quality garments. Lisa also brought up Toya’s tax issues in a bid to get the conversation off her own business. That’s when Toya hinted at Lisa’s tax issues.

Toya has been very forthcoming about her financial problems this season. In part, she blames the fact that she and her husband weren’t raised with money, so they didn’t know how to take care of what they’d earned. In an interview with Radio and TV Talk she said:

“He [the accountant] took advantage of our ignorance. We should have been a lot more aggressive and make sure he was doing everything by the book. We should have read more. [Her husband] went to school for medicine. I went to school for administration. I never thought anyone would do that to a couple. He would send us paperwork. We did not do a lot of reading. He was filing way late and piled up late fees.”


So, do you think Lisa has financial problems? What about Toya’s IRS woes? Should she keep the big house or downsize until she’s solvent?


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