‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Lisa Nicole Calls Out Dr. Heavenly’s Drinking Problem!

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Recap by guest blogger LisaAnnP.

Married to Medicine kicked off episode 7, entitled “Is there Life After Prom,” at the Skybar where Quad and Dr. Gregory just finished riding go-carts and are now having drinks. They are rehashing last night’s events at the prom. Quad is slamming Mariah for bringing up her name in conversation. The couple are discussing Greg’s upcoming 48th birthday and how they will celebrate. Quad is throwing a lavish party and she and Greg do not want Mariah or Aydin there. Lisa Nicole and Mariah are across town, but their version of events went differently. Mariah believes Quad has a lot of built-up animosity towards her, and that she started an argument where there didn’t need to be one. Mariah wishes Quad didn’t think so much about her because she hardly gives Quad a second thought.

Lisa Nicole is planning her relationship conference for married couples and wants the ambiance to be “red’ and “full of love,” so she hired Suchelle, party planner extraordinaire. He planned her WEN event a few years back and it was a big success. She is experimenting with the table trimmings and place settings, with Suchelle on stand-by for input. Lisa will settle for nothing less than fabulous. Heavenly is on hand to help Lisa plan the event and to make amends, so there is no more animosity between the two. Heavenly believes a truce will be good for her brand and is trying her best to be cordial, but admits that Lisa gets on her nerves. Toya is present and awkwardly quiet for a change. Maybe she’s still hung over from the prom? Either that or she’s afraid they will ask her to donate money, as the event is close to being over budget. Heavenly is particularly worried about the budget, which is $7,000, but Lisa isn’t batting an eye at the price tag. The women exchange a few snippy words. Heavenly must have paid a pretty penny for her new weave because she’s worried Lisa will throw water on her. It doesn’t look like much is being accomplished so Toya and Heavenly decide to leave. Heavenly glances back one last time to make sure Lisa doesn’t douse her with water.

Across town, Toya is talking with Eugene about their finances, or lack thereof. She is contemplating over which bills they can push back and pay later. She also wants to find a part-time job. Eugene managed to keep a straight face and told her he appreciated the offer, but a part-time job won’t take care of the debt they’ve managed to surmount. A job will only help with current bills, as Toya will not stop spending copious amounts of money. I just got a flash of the white gold necklace Eugene gifted Toya in the episode’s prelude. She probably could have gone without that too. But I digress. Toya persists that no one taught her or Eugene how to manage money once it was acquired. They sound remorseful over their situation and confused as to how they got there. Eugene knows the biggest expense is their home and the only way to get out from under the behemoth of debt is to sell the house. Toya reluctantly agrees, if she can pick the house.  

Jackie and Simone are back in the park at their favorite rendezvous spot. Simone has had a tough week emotionally in learning of her father’s death. She has come to grips with his passing, but is now struggling with the reoccurring thought of him being homeless in his final days. Simone is blaming herself because she did not lend him money a few years back when he asked for help. Dr. Jackie tried to alleviate Simone’s guilt by explaining that she needs to release all the thoughts of “what could have been.” He was an adult who made choices in his life and she was not responsible for him. Her father had a disease and he’s at peace now. 

Genise is spending the day with Toya, who is a new client. She plans to show all the homes in Toya’s price range that fit her criteria. Toya has caviar dreams on a Velveeta budget, but she is staying optimistic. Toya’s “must-haves” include hardwood floors, five bedrooms, and a big backyard for her boys. The first house had a nice porch but Toya passed on it for pretentious reasons. The second home comes equipped with hardwood floors, one of her “must-haves,” but Toya feels it is a downgrade somehow. It doesn’t have five bedrooms and Toya calls it an “itty bitty shack.” Genise has her work cut out for her, as Toya is looking for a home in the million-dollar range that is being given away for free by the owner. 

Quad is planning her husband’s birthday bash and is sparing no expense. She wants to “blow his mind!” She has provided a cigar bar and security at the venue. Quad alerts security that there is a couple who is forbidden to enter. She talked about them like they were dangerous and I was racking my brain to figure out who the Bonnie and Clyde-type duo from her past could be, until she hands a photo to the head of security and it’s Mariah!  Mariah and Aydin are persona-non-grata. Quad tells her head of security there is gas money at the bar should the unwanted couple need it to get home. 

Mariah is reading a text to Dr. Aydin from Quad informing her that she is not invited to the party. Mariah finishes reading the text and immediately starts planning the ensemble she will wear to the party. Her husband suggests a red dress because it compliments her. 

Gregory is very excited about his surprise birthday party that isn’t a surprise. He and the other husbands meet at a full-service salon to be freshly shaven. All the husbands will be present at the party except for Darren, who is “working.” Quad says that Darren is enjoying “Pasta and Putie” to Lisa’s chagrin. The guests are arriving and Quad explains to the ladies that Mariah will not be in attendance because she is not welcome. Heavenly is in better spirits because the last time she met with Lisa Nicole, they didn’t assault each other. 

Cut to the full-service salon, the men are all smiles as a scantily-clad female entertainer is performing for them. I certainly hope this “full-service salon” isn’t literal. Then again, what happens in the salon, stays in the salon. Back at the party, Genise is upset that Toya is acting “boojee” about the tour of homes within her budget. Genise is sitting across from Toya and she tells her to stop trying to keep up with the Joneses and come down to reality. Genise is taking it personally that Toya rejected every home on the tour. Toya tells Genise that her skills “suck,” as a real estate agent and Genise vows to never help her again. Quad intervenes and makes them switch seats. 

Quad is demanding the guests say “Surprise” to her specifications, which is odd considering Greg is totally aware of the event. The birthday boy arrives looking dapper in a grey suit and tie. Quad shows him to the “boom-boom room.” Toya isn’t threatened by the dancers-for-hire because she does it ALL at home. She was boasting about acrobatics in the bedroom, as Eugene looked confused, and finally corrected her. 

Mariah and Aydin arrive for the party in spite of Quad’s warning and are stopped in the parking lot by the head of security. He hands her the $50 bill for gas and Mariah accepts it! She doesn’t need it for gas, but calls it “tax money” for Quad riding her coattails.

Inside the party, Heavenly and Lisa‘s truce did not last long. Heavenly is putting Lisa on blast for laughing about Toya’s financial situation. Lisa denies talking about Toya in a laughing manner and says she believes Toya can benefit from a financial planner. Heavenly also tells Dr. Jackie that Lisa was talking about her for never seeing her husband! Lisa is furious at Heavenly’s penchant for starting trouble and claims that Heavenly has a drinking problem. Both Toya and Heavenly feel this lie could hurt her career and Heavenly begins bashing Lisa’s marital state. She calls Darren a “hooker.” Quad intervenes and shuts the squabbling down. She reminds them they were supposed to show up with smiles on their faces and love in their hearts. Really?

Quad makes a speech to honor her husband. Loud applause ensues. Dr. Greg feels overwhelmed and grateful. It’s nice to see the one of the husband’s being spoiled for a change! The episode ends on a happy note.


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