Teen Mom OG’s Ryan Edwards Is Engaged To A 20-Year Old Divorcee That Looks Like 40-Years Old!

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Ryan Edwards debuted his latest squeeze, Mackenzie Standifer, during the last season of Teen Mom OG, and recently took the romance to the next level.

Ryan has popped the question, and the couple is officially engaged. The latest addition on the Teen Mom scene dished to MTV News, revealing the details behind Ryan’s proposal. 

“I just thought we were going on a date, but he rented out a riverboat and nobody was there,” Mackenzie revealed. “It was just us on a riverboat, on the water, and it was beautiful. We finished dinner, and we were looking at each other. He asked me to stand up, and that’s when asked.”

Mackenzie says that they have already booked a church, and plan to wed in a year. The location is a sentimental choice—the church where Ryan’s parents exchanged vows.

“We already booked the church — we’re getting married in November 2017,” Mackenzie revealed. “It was where Jen and Larry got married.”

While it’s hard to resist a love story—many fans are beginning to buzz about Ryan’s wife-to-be. So what are the facts about the new woman on the MTV landscape?

  • Mackenzie is reportedly 20-years old, but most fans believe that she looks many years older.
  • Mackenzie has been married before and was a teen mom. She married Zachary Stevens in 2013, when she was five months pregnant with their son. She filed for divorce last July. MTV News reports that Mackenzie had been dating Ryan since May.
  • Mackenzie’s divorce was finalized on November 10th, and the reality lovebirds announced their engagement 6 weeks later.
  • Ryan still claims MTV as his only career, and appeared to shack up with Mackenzie almost the minute he was booted from his parents home. The couple now lives in a family property. 
  • Mackenzie stood by Ryan, when he came under fire for being allegedly wasted on drugs during filming. Some fans have labeled Mackenzie’s attitude smirky, when a reporter confronted Ryan about the disturbing aired display.


  • Mackenzie created a new Instagram account, when she began her love affair with the MTV star. She now captions the account, “The greatest blessings call me Mom… Pop the bubbly, I’m getting a hubby!!”

The first teen mom in Ryan’s life, Maci Bookout, expressed happiness about the relationship, gushing her joy during her October wedding to Taylor McKinney. As a poetic side note—Mackenzie caught Maci’s bouquet, flashing her undies in her leap for the prize.

“I am so happy that when [Bentley] is with you, you can be his mother and treat him like your own child,” Maci said.

“I just want to let you know I really, really appreciate you,” Maci said, adding, “All I ever wanted was for Ryan to find someone that makes him happy and who will treat my son, as their own child.”

Maci also noted that the women “are both his mother.” Evidently, it’s safe to assume that Maci is cool with Mackenzie noting in her Instagram caption that “the greatest blessings call me Mom.”

Do you believe that Ryan and Mackenzie will make it down the aisle?


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