‘RHONY’ Star Bethenny Frankel Says “Kindness Is Everywhere Right Now”

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Though some have compared her to the Grinch, Bethenny Frankel is onboard with the Today Show’s #ShareKindess campaign.

NBC’s Today Show is teaming up with Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation by encouraging people to, you know, be nice.

They’re asking folks to stop by tag their act of kindness with #ShareKindness. (Because everyone on social media needs to know you opened the door for a mother struggling with a stroller. Look at you, humanitarian of the year!)

Bethenny rapidly fired off some examples of kindness she experiences.

“People do kind things for me all the time. I think it’s [sic] kind that my friends are here [at this Dress for Success event]… Everyday [people are kind]. Carole‘s kind to be here. My staff is kind to work with me and be crying that they’re so happy. You’re kind to interview me. Kindness is everywhere.”

Well, that’s one interpretation for her staff’s tears. A kind interpretation, if you will.

Phaedra Parks also got on the kindness bandwagon, saying:

“It costs you nothing to smile, to give someone a hug, and to be empathetic to someone. Not because they ask you to, but because it’s the right thing to do… I try to be nice, because I always ask ‘how would I want to be treated in this circumstance.’ …when you’re standing in a place where you can be kind, and it costs you nothing, why not just do it?”

And if it does cost something, well then screw it?

Anyway, Happy Holidays, everyone. And don’t forget to humble brag about your good deeds. Because that’s what the season is all about, right?


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