‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Mariah Huq Twirls in Quad Webb-Lunceford’s Face

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Recap by guest blogger LisaAnnP.

Happy Holidays, everyone! Episode 6 of Married to Medicine entitled, “It’s my Prom and I’ll Throw Down if I Want To.” Better late than never, right? Let’s jump right in to the tea!

I must say, there aren’t too many consistent friendships on this show, but one that has been rocking steady since season 1 is that of  Dr. Simone and Dr. Jackie. I love the girl-talk between these two besties! We open with the ladies eating lunch at a picnic table in the park. Dr. Jackie is still upset about the drama at the “Look Book” event. Dr. Simone can’t help but laugh recalling how Jackie got her ‘Gangsta’ on by ordering people to “Get the hell out!” The ladies know how important this cause is to her, and how personal. She is going to need some time to get over it. Simone contends that Mariah has Lisa Nicole in her pocket, literally, as she demonstrates a plastic fork sliding into her scrubs. Jackie agrees that Lisa is under one of Mariah’s spells and not coming out anytime soon. 

Across town, Toya’s husband, Eugene, is comparing his life to a Rihanna song, “Work, work, work, work, work, work!” All his money is going to Uncle Sam. Did I just hear Toya right? The man is beat down and she just asked what he’s planning for her birthday. Her 40th birthday is a milestone, she protests, but he doesn’t have the money or the time to do something big. Eugene doesn’t want anything for his own, upcoming birthday. He has different priorities this year, as should Toya!

Lisa Nicole is meeting Dr. Jackie at her office for an appointment, as Lisa is still trying to become pregnant. The ladies have not seen one another since the “50 Shades” event so this should be interesting. Lisa Nicole arrives and tells Jackie that Darren will not be present for the appointment and she is very upset by his absence. She tells Jackie he is “in one of his moods” and Jackie looks concerned, but remains the consummate professional. The good news is that Darren has hundreds of millions of healthy sperm (almost as many as he has girlfriends)! Jackie is concerned that Lisa Nicole is getting pregnant to”fertilize” her marriage as she admits “Babies make them a closer couple.” As soon as Jackie calls Lisa out on that point, Lisa backpedals and insists she isn’t having a baby to save her marriage. But, I think we can all see the writing on the nursery wall here, right Bravo fans?

The next scene shows Lisa Nicole back at home with Darren. She is sharing the news from her appointment. She is a bit snippy with him for not being there. He apologizes but admits he did not want to be there. Lisa feels that Darren is only thinking about himself. I think that Darren is making his feelings about this possible pregnancy obvious in several different ways, but she is refusing to see it. Lisa wants to be spiteful and lies to Darren. She tells him he has a deficit and is grossly lacking the number of sperm needed to impregnate her. He actually looked relieved for a moment! I think it was the happiest I’ve seen him all year. That ends when Lisa tells him she was only kidding and he has the sperm of champions. 

Across town at Dr. Simone’s house, Cecil walked in with a scowl on his face. Simone is in somber spirits and informs him that the Nashville Police called her Uncle and they believe they’ve found her missing father’s body. He was found in an abandoned house and the body is badly decomposed. Simone is crying but admits she wanted answers. Cecil assures her that she was there for her father. Simone wants her Dad to know that she loved him, no matter how infrequently they spoke. She vows to keep going. She resolves this is how it had to be.

Quad is arriving at Jackie and Curtis’s new home in the suburbs and she is told to remove her heels! I guess they bought the home! Dr. Heavenly is entering with a vengeance. She wants to know why she was thrown out of the party. She was not trying to ruin anything and apologizes to Jackie. Jackie is not trying to hear it and tells Heavenly that she must control those emotions before she finds herself in a position where she must apologize for her behavior. Simone arrives and is full of compliments about the home. Jackie is delegating unpacking duties among the women, and explaining how to put away the glassware to her specifications. Quad speaks to the group on behalf of Toya. She is taking charge of the planning of Toya’s 40th birthday party. Toya has decided on a theme, a throwback prom! Quad needs the women to pitch in and help with the decorations and the coins.

The scene that follows is probably the most emotional and heart-wrenching scene that I’ve seen on this show in four seasons, the conversation between Dr. Simone and Quad as Simone breaks the news about her father. The ladies make their way to the restroom to continue talking in private. Simone is holding it together, Quad is teary-eyed and I am bawling like a four year-old with a broken toy. Jackie joins them and they share the tragic details. Simone is very strong and going to be okay. She is grateful for the closure she needed and I’m grateful this scene is over.

It is Toya’s 40th birthday party celebration and Ms. Quad is at the helm of all the festivities. She has arrived with her gown, her wig, and her slippers! Someone please tell Quad that this is still Toya’s party and not hers. She has the venue decorated with old-school photos of the birthday girl and the setting resembles a high-school gymnasium. It’s cute. Here comes Heavenly with a bunch of food, or something, in plastic bags. She enters the forum bitching “The wives should be doing this, not the doctors.” Aren’t you a wife as well, Heavenly? Genise arrives with a huge cake in tow. The entire crew is arriving with their corsages, bouquets and dates except for Mariah and Toya, who are popping bottles and drinking Champs in the limousine.  They love making a grand entrance. Toya feels like a queen in her hot pink dress. The actual prom photos for all the ladies are on display and Mariah is dropping shade on every one! She says that Quad looks innocent and made a “cute prom KING.” Mariah thinks Toya’s taste hasn’t changed much either since her high school days. She still “likes fancy cars and jets she can’t afford.” Say it with me now, Sha-shade!

Toya is angry at Eugene for being late. He was working again, Toya! She has the nerve to monitor Eugene’s punch intake because “it’s fattening.” Lisa Nicole raises a glass to Toya for being fabulous, 40 and fit! Toya takes the microphone and turns her attention back to Lisa Nicole, and asks if she wants to apologize for her behavior at the party. Lisa rises to the occasion, walks onstage and apologizes. Toya also apologizes. All is well at the prom… so far. The party is fun and drama-free for about five minutes, until Mariah approaches Dr. Simone. She is still mad about the past and for Simone’s involvement in kicking her out of the group and taking Quad’s side. Simone feels that she has already apologized and demands an explanation from Mariah as to what happened between she and Quad. Mariah feels that Quad used her. Toya notices the ladies interacting and rushes over to make sure there is no drama at her party. Mariah claims that she and Simone were “just talking” and they have loud voices. Low and behold, Quad heard her name mentioned from across the room and zoomed over to question the ladies. You know Quad is upset when she starts talking about herself in third person and demands to know “Who created the conversation about Quad?” Simone tried to explain that she and Mariah were talking about their relationship specifically, but Quad isn’t buying it. She halfheartedly assures Quad that no one is talking about her, and asserts that Quad wants to make herself the center of attention. Then Toya chimed in and insisted they were talking about Quad.

Toya took a moment to whine “It’s my party and I’ll be a messy bitch if I want to!” Wait, isn’t that a song? Quad recalls Mariah’s ‘New Beginnings’ party and says she now knows for certain that it was all a show. Poor Simone who just lost her father is trying to tell Quad that the conversation really wasn’t about her but Quad insists she “has no interest in this bullshit!” Everyone can see how angry Quad is becoming but Mariah does not back down. She eggs Quad on with “Don’t say it, do it!” Do what, I wonder? Quad keeps it together and says she isn’t interested in doing whatever it is Mariah expected her to do. All this back and forth is making me dizzy! Mariah twirls away! A final statement from Quad turns the room silent. She doesn’t give a damn what happens to any of the women in this circle! Drops Mic.   

Scenes from next week’s episode show a whole lot of drama! See you then and happy holidays!


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