‘RHOBH’ Star Lisa Vanderpump Says #PantyGate ‘Takes On A Life Of Its Own’ This Season

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Lisa Vanderpump is trying to rally this season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. After what happened last year with Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson attacking her at every turn, Lisa brought her ally and friend, Dorit Kemsley, onto the show.

Lisa talked in her blog how difficult it was to film with this group of women. And despite the fact that Eileen and Rinna have blah blah blahed about “moving on” they still clearly have an agenda to try and cut LVP down any way they can.

“After last season it was extraordinarily difficult to come back into this group, but it was made much easier by the addition of Dorit — Dorit is most definitely a friend who I can have a giggle with…without any boundaries, just enjoyable moments that friends can indulge in.”

Kyle Richards and LVP have been friends for years, but when the chips are down, Lisa knows she can’t count on Kyle to have her back. We’ve seen that play out season after season.

“…in times where chaos is so prevalent everywhere we look, it is an essential part of my life to have humorous banter and be secure by the fact that each time you turn away, there is not a blade inserted between your shoulders.”

Lisa addressed the pre-white party get together, where Erika Girardi admitted she was pantiless. I guess from her comments here this plays out more this season. So…we have that to look forward to.

“Knickergate takes on a life of its own, the ripple effect and ramifications of a situation that was, I believe, inadvertently created.”

Dorit, her husband PK, and now Lisa admit that Erika performed a little snatch flash that night. But Erika is doing her best to blame everyone else for her wardrobe malfunction. She was “shocked” that Dorit and PK discussed the incident the next day, and accused Dorit of calling her names. It’s a tempest in a teacup, according to LVP.

“I know Erika was unintentionally exposing her coochy to PK. It was an innocent faux pas, but what transpires after, as we travel through this season, was largely a result of not having a sense of humor about it.”

Erika seems to take herself very seriously. And now with humorless Eileen and ridiculous Rinna in her corner, Erika is going to ride this storyline all the way to the end. 

“Laughing at yourself would ultimately dissipate the embarrassment, rather than exacerbating a ridiculous circumstance.”

So, does Erika come off as cold and sanctimonious or am I misreading her?


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