‘RHOBH’ Eileen Davidson Is Shocked At PK & Dorit’s Vulgarity Over Erika Girardi Flashing Her Vagina

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On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we’ve seen Eileen Davidson go through some emotional upheaval in the past two seasons. Having lost several family members, including her mother, has left Eileen depressed.

This episode took us to the home where Eileen’s mom lived.

“Going up to my mother’s house for the last time felt like a final goodbye to her. Even though I hold my mother in my heart, letting go of her things and her home felt like another way I was losing her.”

Eileen has been grieving, but apparently, she felt guilty for it so she went to her therapist.

“I finally decided I needed someone like my amazing therapist Kelly to help me through this. Obviously, the journey is far from over, but it was a very helpful step.”

Eileen’s husband, Vinny, is grieving the loss of his own father, Dick Van Patten, so he’s been understanding.

“My family and I have suffered an unbelievable amount of loss. My husband has been an incredible support system, but he’s grieving too. We’re all just trying to navigate this bumpy, winding road, hoping for it to smooth out eventually.”

You’d think all this grief and sadness would give Eileen an out from the drama of the show. Not so! Of course Eileen has an opinion on the pre-white party drinks where Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, and Dorit Kemsley — and some of their respective husbands — teased Erika Girardi. But let’s be fair, the woman declared to the entire group that she wasn’t wearing panties.

Eileen doesn’t see this as good-natured ribbing. She sees this as an attack on Erika!

“…it has to be discussed: What did Erika ever do to have her body discussed so crudely? It was obvious she was not intentionally flashing anybody. She was sitting with a napkin over her lap in the company of friends. And even if she were INADVERTENTLY exposed for a second, then the right action would have been for PK to let his wife know, so she could discreetly tell Erika.”

Not only that, PK and Dorit had the audacity to speak about it the next day. How very dare they? And in their own home, too!

“And the idiocy of him saying, “Maybe Erika’s bits are available for the world?” No, PK. Erika’s body is hers, and talking about her like she’s an object is not acceptable.”

This is the same Erika who wears next to nothing in her videos and fondles herself on stage, right? For a moment there, I thought they were speaking about Mother Teresa.

Erika is a wife, a mother, and an all-around terrific human being. I was shocked by the vulgarity in which PK and Dorit chose to discuss this situation.”

Hey, Lisa Rinna said almost the exact same thing in her blog. Are she and Eileen sharing talking points now? Give a rest, you two.

So, what do you think? Were PK and Dorit out of line or is talking about Erika’s lack of underwear fair game?


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