‘Ladies of London’ Internet Trolls Slam Marissa Hermer After She Went On Vacation Without Her Sickly Newborn

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Marissa Hermer grabbed the heartstrings of Ladies of London viewers when her dicey pregnancy ended in the birth of a gorgeous baby girl—but the social media climate turned icy, during Tuesday’s episode.

Marissa made the decision to leave her newborn daughter in the care of a nanny while she traveled overseas, and used Twitter to defend her choice. The trip came on the heels of a health scare for the newborn, where Sadie was briefly hospitalized.

Marissa, her husband, Matt, and their son jumped the pond, in order to attend an 80th birthday party for Matt’s mother, in the Hamptons. Marissa shared about the challenges she faced along the way.



Marissa’s co-stars, Juliet Angus and Caroline Fleming, raised their  eyebrows at Marissa’s decision, agreeing that the choice was a surprising one. 

“I thought that was kind of strange,” Angus said to Fleming after hearing about the trip. “I wouldn’t leave a healthy infant behind let alone one that was just in the hospital two days before.”

“That’s probably why my eyes looked like they were about to pop out of my head,” Caroline responded. She added during a confessional spot, “Everyone else can do whatever they want. I personally wouldn’t have done that.”

Fans slammed Marissa for leaving Sadie behind, and Marissa shot back. 




Plenty of viewers supported Marissa, but she still called the backlash “heartbreaking.”


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