‘RHOBH’ Lisa Rinna Is Outraged Erika Girardi’s Character Was Attacked For Not Wearing Panties!

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Imagine if Lisa Rinna were your mom. I know, I’m shuddering, too. But last night on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we got a taste of what that might be like as Rinna accompanied her daughter, Delilah, to a modeling agency.

Rinna is determined to mold her daughters into the new Gigi and Bella. Somehow, I don’t think horror stories about Delilah’s harrowing trip through the birth canal are going to turn her girls into runway divas. As Regina George said, “Stop trying to make fetch happen.” That’s how I feel about Delilah and What’s-her-name. They’re not going to happen.

“The meeting that Delilah went to with her modeling agents for CR Fashion Book was beyond exciting…despite any embarrassing birth canal, misshapen head stories I may have told. Look, Delilah knows her mother quite well and knows that a little humor and self deprecation go a long way in life. *wink*”

By coincidence (brought to you by Bravo!), Kyle and her daughter, Sophia, were also in New York. The women met up with their girls for a rooftop dinner. Rinna planned on leaving her girls alone in the big city while she fluttered away to the QVC headquarters. It was only then she found out Delilah had been trolling dating apps for a sugar daddy.

“We always have such a good time together and now adding our daughters, who are hilarious in my opinion, into the mix adds such a fun, innocent dynamic for us. Talking and laughing about dating apps (I still have no idea how much it costs!), their time alone in NYC and everything else was a blast…”

Since Rinna was hawking her wares on QVC, she missed the white party at Pump and le scandal over Erika Girardi’s lack of underwear. (Stop trying to make #pantygate, Bravo. It’s not going to happen!) And can I just take a moment to ask why all the “white” parties? Shouldn’t other colors be represented at these swanky shindigs? I say yes!!

“As you see in the upcoming previews, Eileen and I are filled in by Dorit next week, but I am literally seeing what actually went down right along with you. What I see is Erika, looking GORGE, sitting like a lady with a napkin over her lap. What I also see is others in the group antagonizing Erika.”

Antagonizing? Really? The woman declares in mixed company she isn’t wearing any panties and they’re all supposed to let it go and not comment?

“Why did a few in this group find it necessary to not only reach under Erika’s napkin but to also start questioning and making assumptions about her character? I have my suspicions….”

Rinna also takes offense at the way Dorit Kemsley and her husband discussed Erika’s pantiles existence the next day.

“Watching PK and Dorit in their kitchen the next day…was rather shocking to me. Again, I ask WHY? This is someone’s WIFE and MOTHER that they’re talking about.”

Okay, let’s just take one second to remember that Erika Girardi is also Erika Jayne. The woman uses the word cunty in normal conversation. She writhes around on a bed in videos and “sings” about giving No Fucks. This is the woman who taught them how to pat the puss. Have a several seats, Rinna.

“…ask PK how he’d feel if he heard another man speak of his own wife this way? To hear another man say, “he didn’t mind the view” while speaking of her “bits” seems as if it may not be taken too lightly by Mr. Kemsley. To me, this is so not okay…”


So, do you feel that the group was out of line to tease Erika about her naked bits? Were Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, and the others antagonizing Erika or is Rinna full of it?


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