Janice Dickinson Says Kim Kardashian Makes Her Want To Vomit & Kendall Jenner Isn’t Good In Bed!

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Janice Dickinson is calling out fake models, starting with the Kardashian clan. The self-described “world’s first supermodel” recently went on The Tomorrow Show and didn’t hold back with host Keven Undergaro on her thoughts that Kim Kardashian’s Vogue cover with husband Kanye West made her “want to vomit.”

“We had to work on our own merit…Kim Kardashian made the cover of Vogue which made, made me want to vomit it was crazy…they’re not models! They’re, they’re reality TV stars! You know modeling is extremely hard work you have to have perfect proportions, uh the Kardashians do not have couture proportion.”

Bitter, party of one! And about this “extremely hard work?” Prefect proportions are more like winning the lottery gene pool. It sounds like the newly married Dickinson is a bit opinionated on who should grace the cover of Vogue. According to her, “silicon” and smoking vapes are not what makes a model.

“I don’t know, I mean like the Kris [Jenners], the Kims, the Kourtney [Kardashians]…the plastic in their asses would pop if they really started bouncing around because they’ve got so much silicon, or whatever they use for those large butts…I think Kendall is too vain, she probably just sits there and smokes a vape.”

It’s silicone. Silicon is a naturally occurring chemical element. However, Dickinson does have something positive to say about plus-size model, Ashely Graham, sort of.

“I’ve got to give Ashley Graham credit, because there are so many beautiful, large women out there, ya know? And beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it really is…Ashely Graham doesn’t give a rat’s ass what I think about her…”

Or for that matter, probably neither do the Kardashian’s.

“But I think for her to make that cover,” Dickinson continued, “it’s a big stand for women all over the world. You know, of course that was photo retouched too, because they all are, but I think this was a major, major, major plus for plus size models and large women…I think that’s fantastic that she did that cover and that she gave so many women hope.”


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