‘Property Brothers’ Star Jonathan Scott LIED About North Dakota Bar Brawl

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Damage control needed! Jonathan Scott, one-half of the hit HGTV series Property Brothers, has been caught fudging the truth.

On April 24, in Fargo, North Dakota, Scott claimed he was assaulted by a bouncer at a bar. According to RadarOnline, after viewing surveillance video, police have now determined the claims made by Scott and his entourage didn’t happen like the reality contractor claimed.

An officer wrote in the police report:

Scott said that he was sitting in a booth at Dempsey’s at closing time, when a bouncer that he described to me as being a white male with short brown hair came up to him and his friends and said that they had to leave.”

Scott said he stood up from the booth and the bouncer immediately knocked the glass out of his hand and started to push him.”

Scott said while he was being pushed towards the back of the bar, his girlfriend, [name redacted], was being pushed towards the front of the bar,” the report continued. “Scott said he noticed that his girlfriend was gone, so he turned around to try and find her when a bouncer from behind him put him in a ‘choke hold’ and drug him out the back of the bar.”

In the video, Scott can be seen entering the bar a second time after being escorted out. The bouncer in question claimed Scott attacked him and wanted charges filed against Scott. Last June police declined to file charges against Scott, citing there wasn’t “sufficient evidence to establish a violation of either simple assault or disorderly conduct.”

So what was the fight about? Scott claimed he was targeted for his HGTV celebrity status, and his friends backed up his story as to how everything went down. However, the video footage did not support their story. The bouncer who Scott claimed placed him in a choke-hold was on the other side of the room. Additionally, one of Scott’s friends had been “escorted towards the front” of the bar before the incident took place, and could not have seen what transpired.

“After reviewing the video, [name redacted] couldn’t have seen Scott being placed in a choke hold,” the officer reported. “At the time this occurred, they had already been escorted towards the front of the establishment.”

Tell us what you think. Was Jonathon Scott targeted due to his celebrity status or was this a bad mixture of ego and alcohol?


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