Erika Girardi’s No Underwear Sparks Drama With ‘RHOBH’ Newcomer Dorit Kemsley!

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Dorit Kemsley has got her panties in a bunch over Erika Girardi’s lack thereof, on tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The rookie offers her take on Erika Girardi’s personality mashup, in a sneak peek preview clip.

“I had lunch my husband the other day, and I had mentioned, you know, ‘Erika’s this beautiful girl, she’s very, very poised,’” Dorit tells Erika. “It’s almost like you’ve got this aura about you, very, very strong. A bit guarded.”

“I think in life, you know, when you meet people — and you meet people for the first time — it’s best to be cautious,” Erika says.

“Because you’re cynical or… what is it?” Dorit’s husband, PK, asks.

“I mean, I am what I am,” Erika says.

“I don’t trust everybody,” Erika tells the camera. “Friendship is earned. Respect is earned. It’s not just given. Sorry. Well, not really.”

Lisa Vanderpump discovers that Erika is going commando—which amps the discussion, and piques PK’s interest. 

“I don’t have any,” Erika tells Lisa. “That’s right. Don’t put your hands up my skirt unless you wanna see what’s up there.”

“I have on a Mugler dress,” Erika explains. “Why would I break up a beautiful design with an underwear line, with a panty line? Really?”

Erika, you’re the most out-there person, though,” PK says.

“It’s a stage persona,” Erika snaps back. “I’m a real, like, introvert.”

Erika insists that she is incredibly shy, but Dorit isn’t convinced.

“I’m just not buying it,” Dorit snarks in a confessional. “Snooty? A bit. Cold, frigid? Yes. Introverted? No.”

Be there when the drama kicks off, on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET.  


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