[VIDEO] ‘Sister Wives’ Maddie Brown Scolds Family at Wedding Rehearsal ‘I Don’t Care About Your Input’ Watch HERE!

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Maddie Brown’s problems are plural ones — as she tries to pull off her wedding rehearsal, in a sneak preview clip of Sunday night’s episode of Sister Wives.

Maddie edges into bridezilla territory, taking charge at the mic and ordering her chattery family to zip it.

“Family, you are more than welcome to be here. However, I’m going to ask that you remain quiet,” Maddie says. “I don’t care about your input right now.”

“That is why I told people don’t come till later this morning to help set up. Because I kind of know my family,” the testy bride tells the camera. “And his family does it too where there’s a bunch chiefs and no [followers].”

It’s Meri to the rescue — taking charge of the harrowing procession challenge.

“Madison has asked me to just kind of take charge of everything tomorrow, the day of the wedding, while she’s taking care of getting ready to get married,” Mare explains.

The wedding party gives it a try, but not even the hyper-organized Meri can pull off a successful run.

“We actually have to do it over and over. This is why: because they were trying to get the timing with the music right,” Kody admits. “Then we have to do it again — and again and again.”

Will the group manage a successful march down the aisle, before the bossy bride explodes? 

Watch an exclusive clip above and find out, as the Sister Wives celebrate monogamy — Sunday at 8 pm ET.


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