‘Married To Medicine’ Divas Quad Webb-Luncefod & Mariah Huq’s Battle Explode At Toya’s 40th Birthday [VIDEO]

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Tension continues to surround the friendship fallout between Mariah Huq and Quad Webb-Lunceford on Bravo’s Married To Medicine.

The reality divas are at it again on tonight’s all-new episode (Married to Medicine Atlanta moved to Friday nights), and All About the Tea has an exclusive first look.

Quad and Mariah were, at one time, best friends. Married to Medicine’s early episodes centered around their strong bond and decade-long friendship, which slowly fell apart in the show’s second season. 

During Friday night’s episode, a battle between divas, Quad and Mariah, explodes – and birthday girl, Toya Bush-Harris is caught in the middle. 

In the clip below, a heated Quad accuses Mariah of gossiping about her. “So who was out here talking about me?” Quad screams at Mariah, who at the time was having a deep conversation with Dr. Simone. Dr. Simone chimes in to confirm that she and Mariah are talking about their relationships not her.

“Well–well apparently my name is involved…if it’s about you guys then just leave it about you guys,” Quads warns Mariah and Simone.

Then a shouting match ensues and  Mariah denies talking about Quad,

“We are two grown ass women, we’re not gossiping about you.” She adds, “We’re not talking about you.”

Mariah says in a talking head, “Miss Quad honey, still wants to be center stage.”

Quad identifies Toya as the source of her info and Mariah says Toya is lying and being messy on her 40th birthday.

Tiara wearing Toya says, “I have no reason to lie,” then springs into fight mode and gets in Mariah‘s face – finger wagging and all, she says:

“On my 40th, if I want to be messy, then I’m a be a REAL messy b*tch and say when I walked out of this motherf*cker, y’all was talking about Quad. That’s all I heard.”

In a talking head, Quad says Mariah‘s New Beginnings party was a load of ‘bullsh*t’ –”Still backstabbing – backbiting and lying – fake ass.”

Quad has an over the top emotional outburst and seems to auditioning for the next Tyler Perry movie. Girl just stop!

Watch a clip of the drama above and watch Married to Medicine Fridays at 8:00pm ET on Bravo. 


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