Lisa Vanderpump Stands By Her British Humor But Admits Her Vinny Remark Was Inappropriate

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On the second episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump was full of piss and vinegar.

Her British wit, though dry, was sharp and biting at Dorit Kemsely’s 40th birthday party.

Lisa told her good friend, Kyle Richards, that she had given Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna the power to hurt her. She was now taking that power back, damn it!

In her blog this week, Lisa posed a question. After last season’s bitterness and ugly accusations, how do you “move on” and act like nothing happened?

“What is one to do in these situations? What is the perfect remedy to moving ahead and having some sort of civility between you when previously it had been so ugly? I don’t have the answer, but I stand resolute in the fact that I can’t be hypocritical…”

In answer to the critics who think LVP was too harsh, came on too strong with Eileen and Rinna she said:

“I live my life coupled with humor, and as I watch this episode, I know that maybe sometimes I am too provocative in my running commentary as I maneuver my way through the party…”

When Lisa offered condolences to Eileen over her mother’s death, some saw it as a calculated move, but Lisa stands firm that she was sincere.

“…I was absolutely earnest in my offer of condolences to Eileen initially. Her mother had passed and regardless of the tension between us, I was sincere in my acknowledgement of her grief.”

Eileen got weird and took it the wrong way, assuming LVP was apologizing for last season—again. As if, Soapy!

“…I was incredulous and exasperated by the fact she could possibly conjure up the notion of a possibility of me apologizing again, after the endless litany of apologies I proffered last year.”

Lisa coughed up several apologies last season, and it’s over. Walk the walk, Eileen, and move on. Get a new storyline already.

LVP gave a withering response in her blog to Eileen’s demand for the perfect apology.

“In the world I live in, it is not necessary to keep repeating the same scenario over and over again, as if to  tweak a performance until it measures up, so to speak.”

When it comes to Rinna, she wanted to pretend like nothing happened last season. How convenient. But she soon broke under LVP’s icy distain, and coughed up a belated “sorry.”

Rinna approached me in a vaguely conciliatory manner, informing me of something I was well aware of…”She was hard on me.” No…surely not, being called an evil, manipulative liar, too funny. Of course she wants to move on. I would too if I had challenged a friendship with no regard for the history between us.”

However, it was that last little dig at Eileen that got LVP in trouble with the fans. Talking about Vinny having “his head up some girl’s skirt” was one quip too far. LVP acknowledged she may have been pushing Eileen a little hard—but it was all in fun!

“Yes, I was wildly inappropriate in a jesting manner when I uttered the retort to Eileen regarding Vinny, most definitely a retort to see if we could actually go a whole season dwelling on something I had said…but I think she was wise to me.”

LVP didn’t get the reaction she was looking for. And she praised Eileen for not taking the bait.

“Goody, maybe there was hope for us after all. Maybe we could indulge in playful banter and relax a little.”

Now that LVP has all that snark of her system, will things go smoother this season? And did LVP come on too strong or did Eileen deserve it?


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