‘Crude and Inappropriate!’ Lisa Rinna Accuses Lisa Vanderpump of Hiding Behind ‘British Humor’ To Fling Insults

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Lisa Rinna is doing damage control this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, so she’s keeping things positive! Nothing crazy to see here. Just move along, people. Because Rinna is moving on, too.

First, she took time in her blog to suck up to Eileen Davidson. And boy, does Rinna lay it on thick — just like her blush. Never one to do things by halves, Rinna gushed over Eileen.

“…how amazing it is that Eileen has been consistently working on Y&R since 1982… Hands down, Eileen Davidson wins for the longest-working actress I know, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving… Watching her in her first scene and then to see her controversial abortion storyline in ‘86 is really just incredible and exceptionally brave as an actress.”

Next, Rinna revealed her girl crush on Erika Girardi. Such a different story from last season, when she couldn’t even glance at Erika’s sexy video.

“I also loved watching Erika and her crew audition dancers… See the dancers hit those splits followed immediately by Erika Jayne howling, I have to say, is my favorite part of the whole show! I particularly loved that Erika showed up [at Dorit’s party] in a Moschino t-shirt dress… If anyone is going to pull off that look, it’s definitely Erika.”

Does anyone else have a toothache from this sugar overload? Is it just me?

Finally, we get to Dorit Kemsely’s 40th birthday party. You know what wasn’t so sweet? Lisa Vanderpump and her barbed tongue. And I loved every second of it. When Rinna had been on the receiving end of that British wit too many times, she broke down on the dance floor and apologized to LVP.

“So, you saw an apology tonight, and I meant what I said. I know I went in hard in hopes of the truth coming out. Like I said, I don’t need or expect an apology, because I have already forgiven, made peace with and moved on from last year’s situation.”

What did she forgive LVP for again? Remind me? Because all I remember is Rinna blaming Vanderpump for the whole Munchausen debacle. That apology should have come from Rinna months ago. She was vile last season, egged on by the charmless Eileen.

And when it came to Eileen, LVP wasn’t pulling any punches at the party. Rinna did not approve.

“I want to end this by touching on the whole British humor thing… However, to respond with, “I saw him with his head up another woman’s skirt” when asked by Eileen if anyone had seen her husband Vinny, was crude and inappropriate.”

And funny. Don’t forget funny, Rinna.

So, what’s your take? Did LVP take things too far? Is Eileen too sensitive? And are you tired of Rinna kissing ass to reform her image from last year’s disastrous season?


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