‘RHOA’ Kenya Moore Addresses Matt Jordan’s Violent Behavior ‘I Am Ashamed For Staying with Matt’

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This season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has left Kenya Moore on an emotional rollercoaster. As she tries to patch up her relationship with Matt Jordan, he continues to spin out, becoming more aggressive by vandalizing her property.

What started all this latest spiral was a Throwback Thursday photo of Kenya and Jay Z. Matt apparently flew into another jealous freak out and left town instead of spending his birthday with Kenya.

“It was just one of many trivial, childish things that he chose to focus on to make everything about him. He harassed me so much about the post that I deleted it shortly after.”

Kenya decided to finally confront Matt about his behavior. After she spoke to him on the phone, Kenya tearfully asked to speak to a producer. In a surprising moment, we heard the behind-the-scenes audio between Kenya and production.

“I was shocked Bravo broke the fourth wall and showed me talking to my producer off camera. You can’t fake those moments. It was a very emotionally draining day.”

When Matt finally arrived at Kenya’s house, he was angry that the cameras were still there. Kenya alluded to secrets she knew about Matt, refusing to throw him under the bus. But now that Matt has been blaming his violent behavior on Kenya and a “fake storyline”, Kenya finally proved her point by listing his pattern of behavior and his extensive arrest record.

“I know what I’ve lived through with him. I just wanted him to admit to his illness and have an honest conversation about getting help. I have been the most honest and raw this season that I have ever been, and there is NEVER an excuse for violence.”

As Kenya spoke with Matt, she was exhausted from the emotional strain of trying to keep him happy.

“I was tired. Tired of constantly fighting over the petty things he initiates with self-sabotaging behavior that escalates to violent behavior.”

Most importantly, Kenya addressed her decision to stay in an abusive relationship.

“I have done a lot of things in my life I am ashamed of, but I am most ashamed at myself for staying with this man and for letting down the women and young girls that look up to me. It doesn’t compare to the inner struggle I have had with myself.”

It’s been hard to watch Kenya put up with Matt and his behavior. I’m glad we’ve finally seen the full picture of his personality. How should Kenya move forward from this?


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