Lisa Rinna’s “Apology” Motive Revealed — Past Drama Stains QVC Reality!

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Lisa Rinna is clamoring for a fresh start, as she begins her third season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Rinna lost her father during the off-season — a life-changer which she claims put her life firmly in perspective. Viewers watched Rinna eat crow during last night’s episode, apologizing to Lisa Vanderpump, for “being hard on her” last season. The apology comes in the aftermath of being soundly thrashed on social media, causing the once fan favorite to crash and burn.

But what’s the real reason for Rinna’s about-face? Rinna’s focus is probably not a reality hustle — but a cash one.

Rinna dished on the Wendy Williams show earlier this week, that her husband, Harry Hamlin, was dead-set against her signing on for a stint in the Bravo spotlight. That is, until he remembered his beloved’s true calling — hawking her wares.

“I had gone to Harry and I said, ‘What do you think? They’ve come to me,’ and he goes, ‘I’ll divorce you if you do it,’” Rinna told Wendy.

Rinna goes on to tell Wendy that Harry abruptly switched gears, after pondering how Bravo could showcase their QVC brand. Andy Cohen referred to her QVC spokesperson career as Rinna’s “real job” during a Watch What Happens Live appearance, on Tuesday night.

“I get the sense that you are printing money at QVC,” Andy said to Rinna.

Andy, it’s crazy. Like all of a sudden, it has become a humongous business,” Rinna responded. “I just went to Paris, and we did QVC France.”

Rinna revealed that her QVC biz has expanded to the U.K., and will soon launch in Italy.

Andy nailed it, when he pointed out that the Bravo hit airs in those countries, and Rinna would “get the feedback from being there.”

Bingo. Fan feedback from Rinna’s sophomore season on the show was scathing — with droves of incensed viewers tweeting QVC, after Rinna was busted fat-shaming and spewing profanities on Instagram. Rinna’s unglued social media outbursts, along with her decision to drag a fan favorite did not align with her one-size-fits-all happy face. Who was the real Lisa Rinna anyway?

Rinna’s QVC image took a beating — and she will likely not make the same mistake twice. Apologizing and getting along with Lisa Vanderpump is a no brainer, in trying to repair the wreckage of her second season. Her daughter has entered the modeling biz, and there are poly-ponchos to sell —indeed a new season of refocused priorities.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesday nights, on Bravo.


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