Lisa Rinna Throws Shade At ‘RHOBH’ Newbie Dorit Kemsley’s Fake Accent & Denies Plastic Surgery Claims

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Lisa Rinna and Julie Chen joined Andy Cohen in the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse on Tuesday night. Rinna wore a peek-a-boo jumpsuit and waaaaay too much blush.

Andy noted that when Rinna’s daughters made dinner, she only ate about a tablespoon’s worth of zoodles. Rinna said, “It’s very difficult to eat on camera. That’s the truth.”

Andy made a remix of Julie’s best moments from Big Brother. She also brought along husband, Les Moonves, which impressed Andy to no end.

Lisa Vanderpump was fired up on Tuesday night’s RHOBH episode. She barely covered her jabs with a cloak of humor. Lisa Rinna couldn’t take the heat and finally apologized for being so vicious last year. But Eileen Davidson was still on the hook. Better apologize, Soapy, or those barbs will keep coming.

Julie thought Aaryn Gries from Texas was the contestant she’d never want to see again, due to the woman’s racist comments. Julie disliked Aaryn so much, she didn’t even want to do an exit interview.

A sneak peek of RHOBH got very confrontational over the American/British humor debate. Erika Girardi thought the Brits was being rude, but Lisa Vanderpump defended her country’s biting commentary. Then Erika called out Dorit Kemsley for being American, despite her ambiguous accent.

Rinna denied doing anything cosmetic to her plumper upper lip. “No! It goes up and down. You know that!”

Julie weighed in on the article about Barbara Walters being angry that her legacy on The View has been tarnished.

“I believed every word I read in Page Six. And there were contradicting sides, and I believed all of it was true… She [Barbara] calls the control room… I do think Barbara Walters is like, this amazing show I created is now just kind of withering away with a revolving door of hosts that people can’t keep straight. I should know the names of all the hosts, but I don’t. Because it changes so often.”

Rinna gave her opinion of Dorit’s accent. “Which one?” Then, she was so pleased with herself, she clapped like a trained seal.

Julie said the strangest moment from Big Brother came on 9-11. Three people were left in the house, and they were the last ones to know about the tragedy. They were told one at a time, and Dr. Will hardly asked any questions about the attack.

Rinna defended her lack of cooking skills with a caller.

Harry is an awesome cook. So, Harry does the cooking. Nobody’s starving. We have real food in the house, and it’s really good, it’s just not coming from me. And I’m okay with that.”

Some little known facts about Julie came to light. She had a crush on Andy when he was a pony-tailed intern, because she had no idea he was gay. And she used to dye her gray hairs, strand by strand, with eyeliner.

Rinna talked about her friendship status with Kim Richards.

“You will have to stay tuned and see.”

The poll question of the night asked whether Rinna and Vanderpump’s tenuous friendship would last. 60% said “nope.”

What do you think? Was Rinna’s apology for real? Did Vanderpump go too far with her jabs?


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