Kandi Burruss Says Phaedra Parks Lied About Bomb Threat & Wants Mama Joyce To Get A Peach

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On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the friendship between Phaedra Parks and Kandi Burruss has been stalled for two years now. And it doesn’t look like they’re going to patch things up any time soon, especially with Kandi’s Mama Joyce getting into Phaedra’s business.

The most recent episode of RHOA showed Mama Joyce, decked out in a headscarf and shades, entered the office of Nene’s divorce attorney, Randall Kessler. So convinced was Mama Joyce that Phaedra had been lying about the real reason for the divorce delay, she went straight to the expert. Mama Joyce quizzed the lawyer like a sadistic teacher. She asked him pointed questions over the Georgia law concerning divorcing a felon. Mr. Kessler basically said a divorce can be completed within thirty days — as long as everyone agrees to sign off.

Kandi took to Twitter, claiming she didn’t know Mama Joyce had a meeting with a lawyer.

Kandi also stated on her Instagram account that she didn’t put Mama Joyce up to the task. She would never expect her mother to do her dirty work. MJ was working on her own. And when Mama Joyce is wrong, Kandi calls her out. Despite all that, Kandi thinks her mother deserves her own peach.


But that wasn’t the only thing Mama Joyce was obsessing over.

Last week showed Phaedra getting news of a bomb threat in her office. This week, she tried to downplay the situation, saying her client, Drama, went into the wrong office with a CD that was “the bomb” and scared the white people.

Kandi — along with the rest of the world — thought that was some straight up bullshit.

She also stated:

“Absolutely! They evacuated Lenox mall because her office is near there. The police aren’t gonna evacuate the mall over a damn cd.????”

Kandi expressed her reaction in emoji form, as well.

When a viewer pointed out that one does not get the Nation of Islam involved over a simple mix up, Kandi tweeted back, “exactly.”

So, when Kandi held her tasting party for her new OLG restaurant, Mama Joyce pounced on Phaedra the minute she walked through the door. She took Phaedra aside, grabbed her hand, and said, “I’m so sorry to hear your divorce hasn’t gone through.”

Kandi immediately checked Mama Joyce and invited Phaedra to the table. But MJ wasn’t done. As Phaedra tried to sweep the bomb threat under the rug, Mama Joyce said, “I heard he was going to blow you the f*** up.” And then she continued to repeat that phrase, over and over.

Phaedra can’t get by with anything once Mama Joyce is on the case! She might even give Detective Meghan Edmonds a run for her money.

So, do you think Mama Joyce went too far? Or was it refreshing to have someone confront Phaedra over her lies?


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