Blind Item: She Attacks Then Runs To Tattle

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*All About the Tea Exclusive*

Living in the spotlight has this reality star crying foul.

She loves dishing it out, but can’t take the heat. The character boozes heavily, spilling her jabber all over social media — but comes unglued when fans and blogs slap her back.

The woman runs to network execs — squawking about being the butt of secrets exposed.

She swears that a bruised ego doesn’t hurt, but her tattling protests reveal the truth.

The woman vows that her happiness is over the moon — but craves fan affirmation to beat down the grey areas of doubt.

Network voices placate her anxiety, renewing her hope for positive feedback. Her groove is a setup for misery…but she just can’t help herself. 

Name the reality show and reality person.

Reality Show:

Reality Person:



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