‘Below Deck’ Exposed! Kelley & Kate Reveal Why No Reunion & Talk Biggest Scandals of The Season!

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No Below Deck reunion — no problem! The hilarious guys on the Watch What Crappens podcast have got the post-season covered. Hosts, Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam dished the Season 4 dirt with Kate Chastain and Kelley Johnson — and the duo offered vivid insight about the season and the cast.

Kate and the “terrified” Kelley clarified their own relationship, before they  launched into the juicy cast backstories.

“I don’t think Kelley and I didn’t get along because he was terrified,” Kate said. “That was just an added bonus. I think we genuinely got along because he did a great job, and we were respectful of each other.”

Kate and Kelly didn’t hold back about the cast dynamics that set the tone for the fourth season of the hit yachting series.


Nico is dubbed the biggest camera-whore of the bunch. Kelley reports that Nico’s whole demeanor changed, when it was time to turn it on for Bravo. Both Kate and Kelley tag him as the one who “brought drama” just for the cameras. Kate calls Nico a “great entertainer” with a “good presence on camera.” On a more personal note, Kate says that she was “flabbergasted” to watch Nico and Lauren’s negativity towards her, because she never really interacted with the pair all season.

“Their (Nico and Lauren) egos got the best of them, and they shot themselves in the foot,” Kate remarks.


Lauren’s revealed character proved to be the biggest cast shocker of the season, for both Kate and Kelley. Kelley reveals that he was stunned when he watched Lauren “talk sh*t” behind his back.

“I had no fuc*ing clue,” Kelly said. “I protected her the whole season, I really did. I looked out for her. It seemed like the captain was out for her…there were all these things I was trying to protect her from.”

Kelly explains that he still talks to Lauren “from time to time” but that he has no interest in having anything to do with her. 

On the professional front, Kelley says that after watching the show, Lauren “sucked”  and that she “had him fooled.” Kelley and Kate imply that Lauren was lazy, and agree that Lauren did deserve the criticism she faced from Captain Lee. Kate tells an amusing anecdote — describing an episode where she joined Captain Lee in observing Lauren through the main salon windows, circling the boat four times, chamois in hand — without cleaning anything.

“I think she’s one of those people that thinks that if you just walk around looking like you’re working, it’s good enough,” snarks Kate, adding that Captain Lee was disappointed that Bravo didn’t put the spectacle into the show. 


Kate reveals that her scuffles with Ben would win her top drama spots of the season. She reveals that Ben is still acting shady, using her “when it benefits him,” and then “turning on” her when there’s a payoff.

“He (Ben) continued to be shady in the same way, so that apology was never real — it’s just really frustrating. I don’t want to keep falling for it — like ‘oh you’re my friend, oh wait you’re not,’” spills Kate. “He’ll call you and act like you’re best friends, and want to come visit you (me) in your hometown, and then have some ulterior motive that you will figure out three weeks later.”

Kelley describes trying to start over with Ben after a rough season two, only to be let down, when he discovered Ben once again talking sh*t about him behind his back.

“He’s selfish,” Kelley says, noting that his behavior is the same when the cameras aren’t rolling. “As long as it benefits him, he’s in for it. If it’s not benefiting him, it’s worthless to him.”

Kelley and Kate agree that Ben just does not have the same ideas about friendship as most people. Kate describes a longstanding “pattern of behavior” that has proven to be a waste of time. Kate spills that the drink that she offered Ben during the finale — which he shot back right before he lashed out at her — was the end of an expensive bottle of champagne she had bought to share with the cast. 


Sierra wins the biggest pain in production’s ass award. Kate liked Sierra, but found her “paranoid and defensive.” Sierra would “spin out,” and become annoying. According to Kate, Sierra didn’t want to engage in the reality experience, and would cry or hide from the cameras, when she didn’t want to speak.

“It was a little confusing to everyone why she was there, or what she thought it would be like,” reveals Kate.

Kelley describes his thoughts about Sierra, as “nothing nice.” Kelley also amusingly reveals that Sierra would chew with her mouth open, to drive Kyle “mad.”


Kyle is in touch with both Kate and Kelley. A gloomy Kyle stayed with Kate, after he split from his transgender girlfriend, Ashley. Kate reveals that Kyle was “waving around” the ring he bought from her on the show — and that she would love to have it back. Kyle’s revealed sexuality surprised both Kate and Kelley.

Kate offered her own self-assessment, adding a delish warning nod to next season.

“That’s what’s ironic to me. This was my most lenient, nice, laid back season, because I am kind of tired of everyone assuming that I am just some kind of huge bitch — because I’m not,” Kate shares. “So I guess I have to be even nicer this season, and then, that’s the season that everyone ends up hating me. So I think if I do it again — niceness is overrated.”

Listen to the full interview below:

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Would you love to see a bitchier Kate, back for another round? Who else would you like to travel the seas with next season?


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