‘RHOA’ Recap: Kenya Moore & Boyfriend Matt Jordan Are on the Outs Again After His Violent Outburst

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Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta begins with, Phaedra facing photographers over her bomb threat. Turns out, it wasn’t an actual bomb threat. Phaedra’s former client, DJ Drama, was dropping off new music for her that was “da bomb.” And because Drama wasn’t in his “right mind” and used the word “bomb” all hell broke loose involving Homeland Security and the FBI.

According to Phaedra this was a case of racial profiling because Drama went to a law office with lawyers who “look nothing like” her. In other words, they was white folks. Phaedra holds a meeting with her “staff,” about the importance of security detail. This was the wake up call to tighten up security and learn some choke-hold moves.

Moving on, Cynthia and her new braided hair stops by Kenya’s house to drink, dish and eat Matt’s uneaten cake. Kenya updates Cynthia that Matt was a no-show at his party and she still hasn’t heard from him. Cynthia tells Kenya she needs a strong man on account of her being a strong woman. They discuss Peter being on the Wendy Williams Show saying he was blindsided by the divorce. No you wasn’t, but what the hell, go on your little media tour, Peter. The moment gets deep for Kenya, as the tears fall. She wants to feel vulnerable with someone and have it all, but it keeps slipping away. Kenya should learn from Cynthia – don’t ignore red flags.

Over at the OLG restaurant, things are still progressing slowly. In fact, things are going so slow, they may be moving backwards. The only thing they are accomplishing is not meeting a single deadline. The restaurant has 45 days to open or goodbye liquor license. And I think we all know what a real buzzkill the OLG will be if you can’t get your drink on. Maybe the restaurant will be open in time for the season finale.

Next up, we visit Porsha sitting around on the couch, house surfing. She’s not sure if she wants to live in the city or out of the city, but she, too, has 45 days to get it together. Porsha is confused on how long 45 days is, she thinks it’s three weeks, and this will be plenty of time to find, purchase, and move in. Porsha informs her mom and sister Lauren she wants a big house because she’s ready to start a family, and the chosen baby-daddy is Todd Stewart – no relation to Kordell Stewart. Mom and sis are shaking their heads, but know Porsha has the attention span of a fruit fly, so they don’t say much.

Onto Mama Joyce, who looks ridiculous wearing a scarf around her head and large sunglasses, visiting ATL’s famous divorce attorney, Randy Kessler. She explains she has a “friend” that wants a divorce from a man who’s incarcerated, and btw, how long should that take? Attorney Kessler gets the gist, but tells Mama Joyce if everyone agrees, a divorce can be handled in as few as thirty days. Mama Joyce says, “That’s what I thought.” This is none of Mama Joyce’s business but since Phaedra is gunning for Kandi, then she’s gunning for Phaedra. Kessler says there could be strategic reasons to delay a divorce (and that’s what Apollo did) but in the State of Georgia, if someone wants a divorce, they can get a divorce. Mama Joyce is beaming like she just swallowed that cat that ate the canary.

Across town at Phaedra’s house, she’s telling her mom, Pastor Regina, about her jailhouse visit with Apollo. She and Apollo spoke about being good parents and getting this divorce wrapped up. Phaedra tells her mom she’s tried to be supportive of Apollo because, after all, they are the parents of two boys.

Kandi has planned an Old Lady Gang menu tasting party for the girls to sample fried chicken, collard greens and macaroni and cheese. True comfort food if ever there was any. Mama Joyce is so excited to throw shade at Phaedra, she’s practically dancing. And just sayin, if the restaurant is in need of a good pot-stirrer, Sheree is available. Kenya, Sheree, and Porsha arrive first, and right away Sheree tells Mama Joyce that comment Kenya said her hair looking like a tired Mama Joyce wig. Kenya denies this and tells Mama Joyce how beautiful she is. Mama Joyce tells Kenya she better hope at 66 she looks this good. 

Mama Joyce jumps up and pulls Phaedra aside to tell her how sorry she is that she hasn’t been able to get that divorce, yet, bless her heart. Kandi comes over and shuts down the shady read from Mama Joyce. At the table Phaedra explains that Drama didn’t have a bomb, but Mama Joyce and says she heard Drama “wanted to blow her the f*ck up.” Phaedra blames her office building for being “conservative” and this was really about black men being judged. Kandi quickly shuts down Phaedra‘s claims in a Talking Head — confirming Phaedra was indeed scared over the bomb threat and enlisted bodyguards. Lord have mercy, bring on the better than sex cake.

And because there’s not enough awkwardness, Sheree stirs the pot some more and mentions Block. Kandi doesn’t want to talk about this, but says he called once asking about co-parenting. But $hit must be stuck to the bottom of the pot because $hit-stirring Sheree stirs some more and asks Porsha if Block ever mentioned Riley while they was dating. Yeah. Just what men love to talk about – the kids they’re ignoring. So, not only has Porsha been around the Block, she’s been under the Block!

Next up, Cynthia stops by her attorney’s office to discuss the timeframe for the divorce. Get this, he thinks the divorce can be resolved in 45 days. And they may not even have to go to court. Bonus! You would think this would make Cynthia happy, but she’s sad. Her attorney tells her it’s a good kind of pain. Umm, no, it’s not.

Poor Kenya, she’s crying again. Cynthia calls and learns Matt went crazy again and kicked out glass windows in her garage. Cynthia says if he’s going to act like a child then he needs to go home to his mama. Preach! Cynthia tells Kenya, she doesn’t have a good feeling about Matt.

Kenya sobs to Bravo producers that Matt is a good guy who has demons. She calls Matt, who asks for forgiveness and another chance. Kenya tells him the producers are ready to leave and for him to come on over.

Thirty minutes later, Matt shows up and he’s pissed. He won’t get out of his SUV because he feels like this is an ambush. Kenya explains they are either in this thing together or not. Matt says he’s tired of being treated like he’s disposable (Bye). Then Kenya says, he’s making her look bad and if she wanted to bury him, she could. Ouch! Then Matt says Kenya is constantly disrespectful to him and this causes things to escalate. Blame-game! Kenya draws a hard line in the sand and tells Matt that his kicking in a window one day, could elevate to him hitting her the next. 

Tune in next week when Kenya’s dad tells Matt where he can go.


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