‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Lisa Nicole Catches Her Husband In A Lie!

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Recap by guest blogger LisaAnnP.

Tonight on Bravo, we are back after a one-week hiatus for episode 5 of Married to Medicine, entitled “The Breast-est of Friends.” The ladies are home from Nashville, having had no luck on their quest to find Simone‘s Father. He is still missing. We begin with Simone and Cecil explaining the dire situation to her sons. Miles, her eldest, had fun while his Mother was away. He tells her that he went on a date with a girl from school. They spent time together at the arcade. Simone smiled and seemed unfazed as she admitted, her son “has no game like his Father.” 

Across town, Dr. Jackie is planning an event for her “50 Shades of Pink” Foundation, which treats the physical and emotional damages caused by breast cancer. She decides to go with a book about “boobs.” She is meeting with a photographer named to discuss her vision. Dr. Jackie is a two-time survivor and shares her own experiences with the disease, as well as the toll it takes on a woman’s self-esteem. Dr. Jackie wants all women to be strong and know that they are not fighting alone.

Lisa Nicole arrives at Dr. Heavenly‘s office just in time to talk about the upcoming relationship conference for married couples. It starts out quite friendly, but this doesn’t last. Please have your shade meters on standby. Lisa starts naming the reasons that relationships break down. Heavenly is a self-proclaimed “relationship expert” so she feels that she should plan the talking points, as well as chose the name for the conference. Heavenly wants to call the conference “Heaven Help Us.” What an appropriate name! Lisa Nicole objects. Heavenly was not pleased, to say the least, and has a “How dare you” look on her face. Heavenly says that Lisa Nicole is not qualified to come up with ideas. She quickly resorts to personal attacks on Lisa’s marriage. Heavenly feels someone in a rocky marriage like Lisa has no business overruling, she who is in a quarrel-less marriage with a doormat for a husband. Ever the diplomat, Heavenly tells Lisa that Darren is a liar and she allows it. Poor Lisa retorts with “Darren does NOT lie. He just doesn’t always tell the full truth.” Bless her heart. She is not ready to hear any frankness whatsoever regarding her marriage and is firmly-planted in LaLa land, where she remains blissful and ovulating. 

Over at Quad’s house, her brother approaches for a conversation. He has been putting in job applications for months and finally scored an interview. Quad badly wants him to get this job so she insists that he role-play with her as the interviewer. Quad asks common, interview questions and his answers are short and not-so-sweet. His communication skills are rusty, to say the least, but never fear! Knowing how Quad is, she will see to it that he practices until his responses are smooth and articulate. A girl can dream.

Lisa Nicole is back at home and I hope she remembered to put the car in park before rushing in to blast husband Darren! Fresh from her meeting with Heavenly, she is steaming mad and ready to take it out on the unsuspecting Darren, who just walked in the door from work. He most-likely deserves her wrath so don’t feel too bad for him. Heavenly is now the second person who has thrown in her face that Darren does not want to have another child. Why is this happening? She demands to know how he truly feels. Darren immediately goes into “smooth operator” mode and talks about the difficulty of Lisa’s last pregnancy, and subsequent labor, and his fears of having to go through it again. He doesn’t want to have to bury his wife. Can he be any more dramatic? In a tear-filled voice, Lisa explains that he should have told her, specifically, that he felt that way. Instead he has told everyone else. Darren apologizes and reassures her that his trepidation came STRICTLY from his concern for her health and well-being, and nothing else.  

Across town, Dr. Simone is meeting with a patient who is going to be undergoing gender-reassignment surgery. Miriam has chosen the name “Ethan” and explains the body that is underneath the clothing is not what is in his heart. Simone recommends a full physical exam, including a paps-mere. Ethan objects because he does not feel comfortable. Simone insists he have the procedure because although he feels very much like a man, he still has the parts of a woman. Dr. Simone needs to do the responsible thing and make sure that he is healthy, and his body is withstanding of such a change. 

Dr. Jackie and Curtis are talking about the compromises of marriage as they paint ceramics at “All Fired Up” What decision will they make regarding the home that is hanging in the wind? Cut to Dr. Simone’s office with Ethan, who is back for the exam and joined by his Mother. Simone understands that the mere mention of the procedure makes Ethan uncomfortable so coming today is a big step. Ethan is very nervous, but Simone makes it quick and painless, and everyone pulls through.

Finally, we get a scene with Ms. Mariah! She and Lisa Nicole are meeting for tea, both the kind we drink and the kind we love to read “All About” right here. Lisa immediately relays the nasty exchange between she and Heavenly earlier in the day. Mariah tells Lisa that Heavenly would never take any criticism regarding her own marriage and she hopes that Lisa shut her down. The ladies briefly discuss Jackie‘s “50 Shades of Pink” event and whether or not they will be in attendance. Lisa plans to go, but will keep covered. Mariah says she will go, and may even drop a check. 

At home and lounging in the king-sized bed with Quad, Greg is so happy to have the house to themselves. His happiness doesn’t last, as Quad divulges that her brother and his family plan on staying for an entire year! She apologizes and he quickly forgives her. Wow. This man has the patience of a saint. All he asks for in return is ice-cream. Quad, you need to get out of bed and make a run to Publix! Grab some Ben and Jerry’s for that understanding husband of yours. 

Across town at the photo shoot, Jackie is wearing nothing but a pink towel as she models for the photographer. As Jackie switches poses, none other than Tamar and Toni Braxton walk in the door! Jackie has known both Tamar and Toni for many years and they are her patients. She is accustomed to seeing them in front of the camera in their respective careers, but today the situation is reversed. Tamar is directing Jackie as she models for her cause, and I must say, Jackie looks great! She is a natural. Jackie explains that this is a “freeing” photo shoot for her because she has had a double mastectomy, and she doesn’t have to hide anymore. She has accepted herself. Enter Mariah and Lisa, who drove over together. The ladies have a seat on the couch and remind each other that they will not be posing for the cause. Quad is there already, as is Heavenly. 

As Jackie gets a quick touch-up on her make-up, Toya arrives and is ready to get changed and pose! Lisa Nicole tells Jackie that she will do ANYTHING, except go topless for the cause. Jackie is angry that the women could back out and refuse to bare all after they confirmed. Quad agrees with Jackie. She does not need “fillers” in the room. She needs women who will follow through on their word and “get naked.” Simone ignores Mariah and Mariah doesn’t mind because “Easter isn’t until April” as she imitates Simone’s overbite. Holy Shade! It’s time for the ladies to model. Toya is up first and she is a pro, followed by Quad, who is also fabulous. 

Believe it or not, Lisa Nicole chooses this time and place to check Heavenly. She tells her that they need to establish boundaries of respect with each other. Heavenly says that Lisa does not listen to anybody. Heavenly raises her voice and they both start yelling at each other. A big scene ensues that has the photographer and glam squad staring at them in disbelief. Jackie intervenes at this point, as it was getting out of hand. Jackie will not allow her event to be disrespected! She threatens to call security and have them both thrown out, then abruptly ends the photo shoot. Jackie is devastated as this event meant so much to her. She cries and clings to a friend after slamming the door shut. Heavenly feels guilty, as well she should. She and Lisa should both feel small for making such a scene. 

Who would have guessed four seasons ago that Lisa Nicole and Heavenly would be the two responsible for ruining a charity shoot with their behavior? Some believe the stress of her marriage is getting to Lisa, and Heavenly is cranky from dieting, but how much leeway can we give them? When a cancer benefit is destroyed by your behavior, there is no excuse.


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