Kenya Moore EXPOSES Ex Matt Jordan’s LIES — He Was ‘Tazed & Fled On Foot’ From Police!

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It’s finally come to light that Kenya Moore, star of Real Housewives of Atlanta, has been telling the truth about her ex-boyfriend, Matt Jordan’s, violent and aggressive temper.

When Matt spoke to RadarOnline, he portrayed himself as a victim of Kenya and the production crew. The storylines, he said, were planned and orchestrated by Kenya.

“It was a real relationship to me, but I felt like it was strictly for the purpose of a storyline. Things were done that were too far.”

He claimed she was manipulating his image by making him look like a jealous, angry boyfriend. And kicking in her glass garage door? That was all staged, according to Matt.

Miss Moore requested I do that and certain things to build her storyline. I never broke anything that wasn’t already planned to happen. It was agreed upon prior to it. It was per her decision to boost her storyline on the show.”

There’s only one problem with this “woe is me” scenario Matt is trying to spin. He has an extensive arrest record to back up Kenya’s version of events. And though Matt claimed his actions were for the camera, Kenya shares her side of the story on her Instagram account.

“There were no cameras the now FOUR times my home was vandalized. There were no cameras filming when my neighbors called 911.”

Even when the couple went away on romantic getaways, Matt packed his temper.

“There were no cameras around in Mexico when the door was kicked in and police escorted him out… There were no cameras filming when the Vegas hotel kicked him out for being violent and destroying the hotel room.”

And of course Bravo wasn’t on hand to film Matt’s arrests for bad driving, driving on a suspended license, and failure to appear in court. Kenya stood by him, even helping him financially.

“There were no cameras around when I posted bail, paid for tickets, back owed rent to keep from being evicted, or never left his side when he cried in my arms to take him back countless times.”

Worse, Matt drove by police officers, allegedly yelling homophobic slurs. That scene escalated to the point that Matt was tazed. He pulled barbs out of his back and fled into the woods. Kenya wrote:

“And there were no cameras around when he got arrested for a felony last month (for the 4th time in a year) tazed, handcuffed and fled on foot.”

Kenya even maintained the Matt was banned from filming because of his violent temper.

“There were no cameras when he was banned from filming because of his violence.”

While Matt is busy blaming Kenya for all of his problems, she’s speaking out against his consistent, abusive behavior.

“I’m not playing the victim. I’m fighting back. I Will not continue to be abused… The only thing Matt is guilty of is acting a fool. Yet to continue to abuse me by claiming to be an actor is a joke.”

She even takes a swipe at Matt’s new love, Tiffany Maiyon, who supposedly bought Matt steroids.

“I guess your new side piece, the $100k poor man’s version of a woman is lying about the steroids she bought you too… or the part about sex without condoms”

Kenya is a strong woman who knows what she wants — a family and a man who can take care of her. So why did she put so much work into Matt? Seems he was bad news from beginning. Thoughts?


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