Kandi Burruss EXPOSED For Telling Her Baby Daddy’s Wife She Was Pregnant After 3 Months Of Cheating With A Married Man!

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Kandi Burruss’ past is being put on blast, after The Real Housewives of Atlanta star pointed a disgruntled finger at her daughter Riley’s father, Russell “Block” Spencer.

Block has been uninvolved in Riley’s life — but Block’s ex-wife has gone on record stating that Kandi was only one of many, who wanted a piece of her ex-husband. 

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Block and his ex-wife were together for 25 years, and she revealed that  Kandi was the one who informed her of her pregnancy with Block’s baby, after seeing him for only three months. She dished about how the convo went down, on Hot 107.9 radio station in Atlanta.

The ex-wife explains that Kandi awakened her in her marriage bed with the news of the pregnancy.

“She informed me that she was pregnant with the now baby, Riley,” the cheated on wife explained.

Kandi is playing the discarded baby mama this season on Bravo, but the ex-wife claims that the pop diva knew the score — and that she was only one of many women in Block’s life. Block’s lack of involvement with his child was not only expected — it was a no brainer. Riley may have lost — but Kandi jumped into this non-partnership with her eyes wide open.

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Who can hear Nene Leakes most famous quip playing on repeat? “Close your legs to married men,” or don’t expect to play the victim card, and win. 


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