‘RHOA’ Apollo Nida Says Divorce To Phaedra Parks Is NOT Valid Due To Errors On Documents!

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Just when you thought it was over. Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Phaedra Parks’, divorce from husband (ex-husband???) Apollo Nida is an ongoing saga.

Phaedra says she’s been divorced from Apollo since July. She first filed a petition back in March, but Apollo asked for time to respond. The date for Apollo’s response came and went, so the judge signed off without Apollo’s signature.

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This should be a cut and dry case right? But wait! Apollo filed for divorce a few weeks ago, stating he’d never heard about the final decree.

How can that be, you ask? Well, the devil’s in the details. Apollo finally read the documents and his name, along with Phaedra’s married name, was misspelled. Instead of Nida, the documents read “Nita.” Whoops!

Not only that, Apollo is claiming that Phaedra took advantage of his incarceration by scheduling a hearing without notifying him. As we know, he’s doing an eight year stint in federal prison for fraud.

Now, Apollo is taking Phaedra back to court, despite his own recent engagement to Sherien Almufti. The divorce may be vacated…or the result may remain the same, despite the typo. Only time will tell.

So, is this a case of fishy filing or a simple mistake? Is Apollo angling for a better settlement? I supposed it would be nice to give his new lady a real ring instead of one made out of toilet paper. 


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