Show Kody the Money! ‘Sister Wives’ Patriarch Cheerleads Janelle Brown’s New Cash Hustle ‘STRIVE with Janelle’

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It looks like Kody Brown might just have a new favorite wife.

The Sister Wives patriarch has been singing Janelle Brown’s praises on Twitter — cheerleading his second wife’s health and fitness website.

Janelle Brown is hawking emotional victory and fitness, and Kody is all in. Kody is reportedly facing financial challenges — and it looks like he’s cosigning the odds-on favorite. Janelle’s new venture, STRIVE with Janelle, promises that subscribers will “address and conquer the barriers we build for ourselves and knock them down piece by piece.”

Subscription to the dramatic service is $9.99 a month.

“…I am creating an interactive community where we can all share our ‘trial and error’ conversations and journeys with each other. STRIVE is the place where we open ourselves up to tell our stories of achievements and obstacles, enjoy common sense tips and tools, and learn from each other’s real-life lessons, questions and answers.”

“STRIVE with Janelle is a safe place to bring your imperfections, and we will conquer and celebrate them together.”

STRIVE promises to offer informational articles, instructional videos, quotes, special events, meal plans and access to STRIVE coaches. Viewers of Sister Wives have only seen Janelle excited about wedding cakes — but the wife and mother swears that “strength, tenacity, resilience, integrity, vision, and endurance” are where it’s at. Kody agrees, faithfully retweeting her motivational messages.

Janelle is determined to make personal strides — or a buck — 92 calories at a time. Kody is touting Janelle’s effort, evidently demoting the other family business, online boutique, My SisterWife’s Closet. It’s prime gift shopping season, but Kody’s interest is spotty, evidently “striving” to hang tight with his most hopeful cash cow.

The online store is back in business, after a porn takeover sidelined sales, last spring. Meri Brown is simply giddy about using the garish site to  promote her favorite band, VanLadyLove. A choice CD, dubbed a “Kody Brown Family Limited Edition,” available for purchase on SisterWife’s Closet. It’s a perfect gift for any lovelorn groupie in the family.

“Hot” sellers on the site include “limited edition” holiday ornaments — marked half-price for all Sister Wives junk collectors out there. Kody hasn’t promoted  the family closet of shame since November. He also hasn’t been tweeting about Meri’s loungewear connection with LuLaRoe, his demoted  wife’s business venture all but ignored.

The wives are busy hawking their wares — but Kody seems firmly plunked in Janelle’s corner.

Sister Wives continues, Sunday night at 8:00 p.m. ET, on TLC. 


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