Phaedra Parks Is Dating ‘Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s Owner Tim Norman!

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Phaedra Parks has made a point of letting everyone know she’s been single since July, despite the fact that her ex-husband, Apollo Nida, seems to be confused on the matter. He went so far as to file his own petition for divorce recently, even though the judge signed off months ago.

While Apollo Nida is sitting behind bars, making paper engagement rings for his new woman, Sherien Almufti, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has a new man in her life. According the, Phaedra has been dating restauranteur and reality star, Tim Norman, owner of Sweetie Pies Upper Crust restaurant for the last two months.

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When Phaedra Parks attended a conference in St. Louis, she dined at the restaurant and caught the eye of Tim. He offered to show her around the city. A source says:

“Since then, she’s been to St. Louis and Los Angeles several times to spend time with him. He also travels to Atlanta to see her. They haven’t gone public, but its [sic] no secret to those who know them that they are together.”

Phaedra Parks and Tim Norman have something in common. They’re both reality stars. Tim has a show on OWN, Welcome to Sweetie Pies. And in case you thought Phaedra was changing her ways, rest assured that Tim has a criminal record of his own. At seventeen, he went to prison for ten years for armed robbery.

As a teenage drug dealer, Tim Norman accumulating debt. Unable to pay back the money he owed, he started robbing people. But the source assures us that Tim has seen the light:

“He served his debt to society and came out turned his life completely around. He’s become a huge part of his mother’s restaurant business and was a vocal advocate for social justice during the Ferguson case.”

Tim Norman has a type, too. Reality celebrities. On season seven of Welcome to Sweetie Pies, he dates former Basketball Wives star, Jennifer Williams. But the relationship cools by the end of the season.

As of now, Phaedra and Tim are keeping it very low key and have no plans to appear on the other’s show. The source assures us:

“They’re in the courting phase and they’re happy and they want to take their time and build with each other without introducing the pressure of TV in the mix.”

But while their relationship might be smooth sailing, Tim is having a few legal issues. His mother, Chef Robbie Montgomery, is suing him for theft and trademark infringement for taking the Sweetie Pies name and branching out to other cities.

According to his Instagram account, Tim says the lawsuit is based on the fact that his mother wants to sell the restaurant.

“I won’t sell the Sweetie Pies brand WE built. I REFUSE to let anybody other than OUR people run OUR business. I have nothing but love for my mother but right now we agree to disagree.”

Though embattled in the ongoing lawsuit, Tim Norman still took Phaedra Parks to meet his mom, known as Miss Robbie. She’s very enthusiastic about the pairing. The source added:

“She’s a kind woman by nature, but knows it takes a tough girl to deal with her son. She think Phaedra is time enough for him and hopes this relationship works out for them both.”

So, what’s your take? Does this sound like a good fit for Phaedra Parks  or Tim Norman? Or is he just a temporary fling until she finds the real thing?


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