Yolanda Hadid Corners Daughter’s Boyfriend Zayn Malik In Bizarre Medical Intervention

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Gigi Hadid’s boyfriend, Zayn Malik, is running in the opposite direction, after his girlfriend’s mother, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum, Yolanda Hadid, allegedly trapped him in a bizarre anxiety intervention.

The latest issue of Star magazine is reporting that sources close to the trendy couple are claiming that Yolanda is obsessed with “curing” the pop star of his anxiety issues. Yolanda supposedly likens herself to an alternative medicine expert, after  her own dramatic quest aimed at finding a cure for her alleged Lyme disease. 

“He and Gigi walked into this weird intervention-type situation,” spilled a friend. “Yolanda had six holistic healers chanting and throwing frankincense on Zayn, even speaking in tongues! It was like a scene from a horror movie!”

Fans of RHOBH know that Yolanda traveled the globe in search of a cure for her cryptic illness. Her story, illustrated also via Instagram, was scrutinized as a possible and disturbing grab for attention. It appears that Yolanda has a new pet project — and this one includes leeches.

“A ‘doctor’ told him he needed his blood drained and replaced with ‘non-anxious’ blood,” the snitch dished. “Zayn let Gigi know that while her mom means well, this is making his anxiety worse, not better!”

Yolanda’s life is full of runways and #proudmommy milestones — but she evidently still loves to play doctor during her off time. RUN Zayn


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