‘RHOBH’ Eileen Davidson Is Ready To Move On After Spearheading Last Season’s Attack On Lisa Vanderpump!

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back! And so is Eileen Davidson. Will her third season prove more positive than last year, when she fought constantly with Lisa Vanderpump? Only time will tell.

Eileen’s been through a lot of changes since last season. She’s suffered not one, but two, tragic losses in her family. First her mother died before the reunion. Eileen decided to keep quiet about her grief and didn’t let the ladies know about her mother’s passing.

“She wasn’t just my mom, but also my best friend. She passed away shortly before our reunion last spring, and yes, I did make a decision to keep it from the other women. I didn’t want my loss to color their ability to be honest with me.”

Eileen’s brother died just weeks before her mother’s death. That’s a lot for anyone to handle.

“Unbelievably, my brother also passed away just weeks before my mother did. It’s been a difficult time, to say the least. It goes without saying that navigating through grief has been something I’ve been dealing with a lot.”

Because of the recent tragedies, Eileen has put her life into perspective. Since Lisa Rinna also suffered the loss of her father, Eileen feels the two have even more in common. And there’s one thing they’re united about:

“We’re also in the same place about the drama of last season: We’re ready to move on. We’ve both had major life events that have put the petty things into perspective.”

However, after watching Eileen act all cagey at Erika Girardi’s birthday party and circle Lisa Vanderpump like a shark circles a sea lion, I’m not sure she’s ready to “move on.” Maybe it’s easier in theory than in practice.

And speaking of Erika’s foodless Studio 54 party, Eileen has one regret.

“My only regret is I should have brought my roller skates with me. Next time. Fantastic party. Fantastic night. Fantastic getting to meet Erika’s mom Renee!”

Eileen is digging on new girl, Dorit Kemsley, too. In fact, Eileen wondered if LVP was getting a little jealous of their budding friendship. Oh yeah, Eileen is ready to move on all right.

“The new girl, Dorit, seems like a hoot. Her life looks like a lot of chaotic fun. Who wouldn’t want Boy George as their roomie?”

So, what did you make of the season opener? Excited to see more? How long will it be before LVP and Eileen finally butt heads?


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