Joseline Hernandez Beats Up Stevie J In Jealous Rage — Cops Called!

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On the heels of reconciling, cops were called last Sunday when Joseline Hernandez, star of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta allegedly went “ballistic” upon learning another woman was hanging at Stevie J’s pad.

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According to TMZ, Stevie called the police after Joseline attempted to “bust his face and scratch his eyes.”

However, when the cops arrived they didn’t see any visible injuries, and since Joseline split before cops got there, all they could do was recommend that Stevie get a restraining order. Joseline is pregnant with a baby girl and due in January. She has named Stevie J as the father in her paternity suit, but Stevie has yet to confirm or deny if he’s the father. 

But sources are saying that Joseline thought the chick at Stevie’s place was Tommie Lee – and these two have a history that includes death threats – but reportedly it was a different woman altogether at Stevie’s apartment. 

And it seems Stevie likes to learn things the hard way. The following day he reportedly had to call the cops a second time when Joseline assaulted him again this time with her hands, feet and teeth. Ouch!

Stevie J is asking the court to conduct a psychological evaluation on Joseline. Perhaps Stevie J needs one, too!


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